Using unexpected in a sentence. (2023)


  • His breath escaped in aunexpectedSigh.



  • ounexpectedthe information came so fast that it was difficult to assimilate.



  • just oneunexpectedI remember, I think.



  • But then something totallyunexpectedIt occurred.



  • your kindness wasunexpectedwhile examining the wrapped wound.




  • How will they feel about aunexpectedGuest?



  • The offer of a truce gave the only and sufficientunexpected, chance to save the army.



  • Yeah, me too, but we had a fewunexpectedhelp.



  • He lived inunexpectedlack of emotion



  • He wanted nothing to do with this world or its inhabitants, despite that.unexpected, intimate connection with the most beautiful man she had ever seen.




  • I can follow threads, but no one else can, and there's always the possibility that somethingunexpectedgets stuck in them.



  • Oneunexpectedthe heat shook her to the core, and the ground beneath her feet trembled so violently that her teeth chattered.



  • Brandon Westlake, the only other longtime guest, was at an early morning photo shoot, but aunexpectedThe prodigal son returned to Bird Song just as the second batch of cinnamon rolls was coming out of the oven.



  • The bonus of his day helping her out of her fear turned out to be aunexpectedsurprise.



  • Swallowed by a wave of nostalgia, she turned away, shrugging.unexpectedemotion.




  • The fixed data points of intuitionalism provide Hamilton with one of his arguments in hisunexpecteddevelopment towards a skeptical philosophy or "faith".



  • When, with the help of man, they defeat them, they often overcome withunexpectednative vegetation among which they are settlers.



  • Napoleon was surprised by the news of the mobilization of Prussia; he had come to regard it as an insignificant amount, and now discovered that it wasunexpectedSensitivity in matters of honor came close to reviving the Third Coalition against France.



  • I had to fight aunexpectedbattle at Smolensk to save our lines of communication.



  • I desperately missed Betsy and the thought of someunexpectedthe days with her were tempting, no matter the reason.




  • We have to follow the luck ofunexpectedallies, on whom their success largely depended.



  • For the Israelites, however, it was a miracle, aunexpectedYahweh's intervention, and the first of many wonders he performed in favor of the people of his choice.



  • They areunexpectedthe recovery revived his father's hopes for education, hitherto so neglected by common standards; and therefore, in January, 1752, he was placed at Esher, Surrey, under the care of Dr. Francis, the well-known translator of Horace.



  • Recent research has launched a new andunexpectedlight on the art, monuments and topography of the ancient city.



  • As in Limulus, so in Scorpio, thisunexpectedthe somite and its appendages disappear during development.




  • However, the force was forced to withdraw due to theunexpectedappearance of the main Zulu army, which nearly outflanked the British.



  • The renewed power of life that had seized Natasha was so obviously irrepressible andunexpectedfor her that in her presence Princess Mary felt that she had no right to reproach him even in the bottom of her heart.



  • never wanted to deal with himunexpectedin his personal life again.



  • But this "critical value" of the force depends on aunexpectedI walk on the hardness of steel; the critical value decreases as hardness increases up to a certain point, corresponding to a yellow temper, after which it increases and with harder steel it becomes very high.



  • Serious as most of his writings are, they include a brief description of a journey from Jersey to Granville, in which he satirises English character and customs and reveals aunexpectedsense of humor



  • The image of the Blessed Virgin and Child, which De Rossi attributed to the second, if not first, century, received aunexpectedproof of its antiquity.



  • In the middle of the summer, Princess Mary received aunexpectedletter from Prince Andrew in Switzerland, in which he gives you strange and surprising news.



  • she surprised by herunexpectedvisit and I feel extremely uncomfortable with his presence blocking my exit.



  • Some experiments were then carried out in order to determine to what extent the magnetic length changes in iron depended on the hardness of the metal and on theunexpectedthe result was reached that softening produces the same effect as tensile stress; it depresses the elongation curve, decreasing the maximum extension and reducing the "critical value" of the magnetizing force.



  • Although the overthrow of the imperial dynasty was completelyunexpectedat all times, the new regime was accepted without any disturbances.



  • The citizens were so happy with himunexpectedoccurrence of which they voluntarily lent the king £000 in 1488, which he demanded for military preparations against France.



  • I was delighted with itunexpectedrapidity of his student's progress, but he could not leave the edifice of argument which he had painstakingly built.



  • Although many side effects are undesirable, some may provide aunexpectedto benefit


  • By keeping these earthquake safety tips in mind, you are more likely to be safe if theunexpectedHappens.


  • Be aware of seasonal security issues and know how to protect yourself from common problems andunexpectedsummer hazards help ensure a happy and healthy summer for all.


  • The laughter was as welcome as it wasunexpected.


  • My wife's statement was notunexpected.


  • It's a great way to show off something new,unexpected, and incredibly sweet.


  • Adult women wanting to have fun,unexpectedsearch for your bedroom you can also choose a zebra-style bed in purple.


  • For example, the ocean presents dangers due to high tides,unexpectedhigh waves and currents, while a lakeside beach can pose health risks due to bacteria in the water or potential injury from diving in unknown shallow water.


  • Without this mirror, you will constantly be caught off guard byunexpectedworkloads, projects and coworkers.


  • This can be an exciting search, as these ancient records may offerunexpectedinformation and strengthen their connections with their ancestors.


  • A direct result of this pragmatism wasunexpected.


  • Fortunately, the Prussians here derived aunexpectedadvantage of the shape of the soil and, indeed, of the climate.



  • More or Pierounexpectedenergy upset the schemes of his enemies.


  • or totallyunexpectedThe Anglo-Prussian alliance had vindicated their enemies' arguments that England was impossible, while their hatred of France prevented them from adopting the only alternative of an alliance with her.


  • However, due to the long incubation of the disease, there may still be aunexpectedpositive.


  • However, genetically modified plants may also containunexpectedhigh concentrations of toxic plants.


  • The writing is sharp and the plot full ofunexpectedTwists and turns.


  • There's a fee to try it, but in Napa Valley that's not meant to be.unexpected.


  • Realize that a simple blizzard that isunexpectedit can derail your ability to find a home.


  • give time tounexpectedbison jam or to see a second eruption of a phenomenal geyser.


  • Oneunexpectedmeeting a street vendor from the south did it for me this weekend.


  • Through thisunexpectedand obscure principle of "dialectic" Hegel intended to fulfill his program of interpreting everything as manifest necessary truth of ideal relation. Everything must be so and you see that it must be so.



  • This is the beginning of the kaleidoscope, an optical toy that was given its present form by Sir David Brewster around the year 1815, and immediately became very popular due to the beauty and variety of the images and the suddenness andunexpectedchange from one funny shape to another.



  • My Numo is a great place to have fun and sometimesunexpectedgames.


  • If the child has anyunexpectedneurological problem, parents should have the child evaluated by a doctor.


  • They may be afraid that anotherunexpectedthe disaster will strike them or their family members.


  • Keeping the glove box stocked with a roll of glucose tablets can help in case ofunexpectedby the way.


  • Complications include wound infections,unexpectedopening near the repair site and, rarely, meatal stenosis, a narrowing of the opening of the urinary tract.


  • However, when a child is dyslexic, there is often aunexpecteddifference between achievement and aptitude.


  • They are more susceptible than adults to the effects of certain medications and may haveunexpectedreactions


  • Despiteunexpectedo Persistent bleeding from anywhere is a warning sign of cancer and should be investigated, nosebleeds are rarely a sign of serious disease.


  • The idea is to establish enough movement vocabulary that the audience can relate to the dance routine, but then push the edges of theunexpectedjust enough to keep them engaged and thoughtful about the play.


  • Grief comes in many forms, and it doesn't always come as one.unexpectedevent.


  • Emo boys prefer a high,unexpectedVea.


  • Punk hairstyles are often recognized for their unusual styles andunexpectedcolors and contrasts.



  • Originally the book was intended to appear in Rome, butunexpectedobstacles interposed.

  • Physician Wallis Budge visited several of the far south sites and did some experimental excavations, but extensive exploration was not carried out untilunexpectedevent produced a sudden burst of activity.

  • that was totallyunexpected, and if, as seems likely, the evidence stands the test of criticism, it is a new historical fact of great importance.

  • His narration is poorly arranged and full ofunexpecteddigressions.

  • Likewise, some individuals show a special tendency to be poisoned by doses of certain drugs that are harmless to the vast majority of humanity and, therefore, we obtainunexpectedor unusual results, these resulting from a special susceptibility on the part of certain organs.

  • Howie'sunexpectedthe excitement was contagious to everyone but Quinn.

  • She slammed the door shut, stifling her hysterical fits withunexpectedgently until she was tied to the cold table, crying.

  • Her eyes were hot from tears and her heart was racing.unexpectedconfrontation with the anguished ancient deity who saw her as expendable less than a week ago.

  • Maybe the underworld was having an effect on her. She had been tired since she arrived, but she explained it by the fact that she had gotten little sleep andunexpectedthe pregnancy.

  • or totallyunexpectedThe resolution is stunning and perfectly adequate.

  • Are we not prepared or are we prepared to not be prepared, asunexpectedarrival of any Other.

  • But oneunexpectedthe return of warm monsoon weather struck, causing a huge avalanche.

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  • ounexpectedThe reggae beat coming mainly from Tommy's direction added a new dimension to the song.

  • Salomon Olembe filled the gap at left-back, allowing Batty aunexpectedopportunity in the Premier.

  • There are sarcastic cops and long-legged blondes, and the inevitable dead bodies, turning up in inconvenient places andunexpectedmoments

  • We also have access to a smaller conference room for exhibitor presentations, which is aunexpectedprima.

  • Further away,unexpectedexperiences can also lead to a reluctance to participate, raising the question of when persistence in accompanying participants becomes coercion.

  • The cumulative effect is completelyunexpected, haunting and yet somehow strangely compulsive.

  • His paintings, withunexpectedjuxtaposition of objects, are a deliberate challenge to common sense.

  • It was a whole night of art, people, incredible andunexpectedPlacer.

  • Wilson usually provides a denouement that is truly bizarre andunexpected.

  • how many questions is thisunexpectedoutcome give rise?

  • The week started with aunexpecteddetour to Tenerife.

  • in some stranger,unexpectedand unwanted, the president has returned to being a dissident, a dissident of his own government.

  • This obviously means that there will be aunexpecteddissonance within what would have been clearly identifiable but artificial scientific parameters.

  • It also took swift action to ensure the safety of the passengers and to minimize suffering and delay after the accident.unexpecteddeath of the horse of a French athlete.

  • wait theunexpectedhuge glacier calves and impressive wildlife, bald eagles and humpback whales.

  • This is called a pulmonary embolism or PE and is a common cause ofunexpecteddeath.

  • Again, another reason why apparent Chinese exceptionalism should not be theunexpected.

  • However, players can be cruelly exposed every time a ball or an opponent does something.unexpected.

  • More and more too, more and moreunexpectedtypes of people are jumping out of the spotlight and onto the stage.

  • The story of elephants being afraid of mice probably arose because elephants are suddenly afraid,unexpectednoises or movements.

  • The juxtaposition of contrasts is veryunexpectedand causes absolute hilarity.

  • The relative excess of homozygous valine in sporadic CJD younger than 50 years isunexpected.

  • Every time we play something different theunexpectedit happened due to our utter inexperience and naivety.

  • During a polymer injection molding process, aunexpecteda periodic pattern is often seen on the surface of a molded product.

  • It was painted black inside with plaster peeling off the walls and all sorts of weird paintings and statues hanging on the floor.unexpectedlocations.

  • Isunexpectedrelationship brings to light new and previously latent aspects of the object.

  • Accuracy is not a faceless lackey that slows anyone down The Howes Insurance Agencyunexpected.

  • In such cases there is aunexpectedprimary incident that makes the case interesting in the first instance.

  • she thought ofunexpectedpower outages, about wandering in the wrong direction in pitch darkness.

  • In this project, students gotunexpectedresults when they dumped vegetable peels into a deep fryer.

  • They reluctantly agree and theirunexpectedthe visitor then presents them with four horror stories, which he claims are true.

  • And thereforeunexpectedto find that the Harris lines were not remodeled.

  • The closure of our little ruse at this point was as muchunexpectedand hilarious

  • The speakers were interesting and theunexpectedCream puffs were a bonus!

  • Also note that experiments can have their own configuration scripts that can affect their private configuration scripts that can affect your private configurations inunexpectedways.

  • Oneunexpectedthe mortgage deficit is a real drag, to which is added a sudden increase in future payments.

  • A series ofunexpectedand the often ridiculous juxtapositions ensure that this collection of interconnected stories never gets boring.

  • Sit tall - if you are bored, you can always admire theunexpecteddecoration with statues and mirrors.

  • Some people find that they experience sudden changesunexpectedanxiety outbreaks.

  • The research team also recorded the lessons and used this evidence to exploreunexpectedresults of coded observations in more detail.

  • Other sections are moreunexpected, with Stephen Cummings sounding timeless on the shimmering thunder of All For Love.

  • Today, most physicians remain relatively unconcerned with theunexpectedresult of this isolated report.

  • As you may have noticed, it is common to discover somethingunexpectedwhen things seem to get a little routine.

  • The essence of poetry is invention; an invention as, by producing somethingunexpected, surprises and delights.

  • Either they didn't realize the importance of their family history, or the results indicate something totally wrong.unexpected, and highly undesirable.

  • From then on, my life took a completely different turn.unexpectedaround which, I think, I will never return.

  • Basketball Watching the United States national team fall to a late loss against Lithuania was an entirely different experience.unexpectedPlacer.

  • Last night he did that, then he did something completelyunexpected.

  • The big increase in BNP advisers is discouraging, but not entirelyunexpected.

  • There are three reasons for this - somewhatunexpected- change of direction

  • They bring the news that she has waited to hear for years, but it is completelyunexpected.

  • but it hasunexpected, involuntary and often unexamined powers to do other things that could undermine a free state in many ways.

  • His attack speed is quiteunexpectedbecause they actually look pretty clumsy.

  • Bad Wolf's final reveal wasunexpectedbut a little uncertain.

  • Their music offers passionate vocals, beautiful melodies that are soared by sparkling guitars,unexpectedrhythms that unleash power and restraint in equal measure.

  • there was aunexpectedWindfall of half a million pounds more in license fee revenue than expected.

  • But the crisis passed with theunexpectedHenry's death, followed shortly by that of the Pope on April 20, 1314 at Roquemaure-sur-Rhone.

  • In this she was probably helped by Albany, who had been in Rome and found aunexpectedAllied to the Queen Mother, Margaret temporarily withdrew from the English party because of her brother Henry's opposition to the divorce.

  • To this cause we may attribute his constant efforts to dazzle France with grand adventures and withunexpecteddoes it move

  • In addition, he later stated that he hoped by doing so to encourage other naturalists to share with him the investigations he was doing on a subject that had hitherto escaped his attention or been totally neglected, since he considered that he had proved the arrangement of the tracts. of feathers. the plumage of birds as a means of providing characters for the discrimination of the various natural groups as significant and important as new andunexpected.

  • That, however, the full conduction came with alternations only ten times slower than light was aunexpectedand a remarkable fact, which proves the presumption that the conduction process is one in which the dynamic activities of the molecules do not intervene.

  • A pilot with an unsecured seat can be shot down by anyone.unexpectedmovement that the horse can make; and, without a firm seat, the acquisition of good hands is almost impossible, because, once the balance is disturbed, the insecure pilot will have to depend on something else for the maintenance of his seat, and this usually takes the form of "riding on a the horse's mouth", a practice as cruel as it is ugly.

  • What happenedunexpectedThere can be no doubt; and it was only by extraordinary perseverance and insight that Bradley was able to explain it in 1727.

  • ounexpectedThe appearance of these worms in puddles and puddles, often in large numbers, gave rise to myths about worm showers. Occasionally they enter the human stomach with drinking water and are vomited out; but this is a case of pseudoparasitism: they are not true parasites of man.

  • In the delineation of the character by graphically significant speech and action, introduced inunexpectedhe turns, abandoned with happy audacity to point out his own meaning, and pointing it out with a force that the most stupid cannot fail to understand, he places himself among the greatest teachers.

  • But the remarkable "Ostend Manifesto" (see Buchanan, James), the result of his lecture, was quiteunexpected, and Marcy promptly rejected the document.

  • In the middle of this valley arose aunexpectedchange that resulted in another windfall in publishing royalties.

  • The speakers were interesting and theunexpectedCream puffs were a bonus!

  • Also note that experiments may have their own configuration scripts that may affect your private settings inunexpectedways.

  • At lunchtime, the parking lots were full and a sizeable crowd was enjoying theunexpectedsunshine.

  • Why is a black night sky filled with sharp, bright stars always so completelyunexpectedand so absolutely stunning?

  • The intro of blaring guitars and frantic Drum 'n' Bass powerfully brings this Deliverance-esque film to aunexpectedclimax.

  • The exploration of the atomic and subatomic world brought them into contact with a stranger andunexpectedreality.

  • Poor contact in the power sunroof switch can cause it to open inunexpectedtimes.

  • Police are linking the two incidents and have reminded the elderly and vulnerable to be suspicious of everyone.unexpectedcallers

  • He earned a win on hammer and a third on discus to provideunexpectedbut very valuable points.

  • Oneunexpectedthe bonus was a sled down the Wall on an aluminum track several kilometers long.

  • And we begin to see a new path, a resurrected life sprouting in the mostunexpectedof places.

  • The Snooker option is excellent and aunexpectedbonus in a game of billiards.

  • Suddenlyunexpecteddeath accounted for 18% of all deaths among patients with epilepsy.

  • It was very uplifting, perhaps about theunexpectedarrival of love?

  • The best prevention against these outrages is to use a door chain to avoidunexpectedcallers from entering your home.

  • It was just the wobble suddenly andunexpectedsurprise.

  • Along with unseasonable weather, someunexpectedMoths also appeared, well outside what I would call their normal flight times.

  • Here the warm weather had been aunexpectedally.

  • ounexpectedMy sister's letter gave me the boost I needed to face my day.

  • ounexpectedThe branch made the buyers hesitate to sign the contract.

  • At the granular level, of course, theunexpectedit happens often; A funding source suddenly dries up, a new client appears seemingly out of nowhere.

  • While he may be the most iconoclastic of entrepreneurs (he hates bureaucracy, meetings, strategizing), he probably also hates what happens when faced withunexpecteddifficulty.

  • When you accept that your startup is just a working hypothesis and thatunexpectedDevelopments can change that assumption, you have the agility to change.

  • You will face criticism, crises and all kinds of situations that you have never experienced before, so wait for theunexpected.

  • Provides flexibility and reliability inunexpectedsituations

  • You must be prepared forunexpecteddelays and unforeseen problems with your children.

  • However, sitting down with a pen and paper and thinking carefully about what to buy can reapunexpectedrewards

  • The songs playing in the background, the thrill of finding the right item, and the ability to searchunexpectedGifts can make shopping at malls, boutiques, or other retailers rewarding.

  • Even if you plan ahead, an emergency like a car breakdown or aunexpectedinjury can deplete your funds very quickly.

  • Purchasing pet insurance for cats is one way to protect yourself against serious illnesses,unexpectedveterinary bills.

  • For some owners, aunexpectedhealth emergency can turn into a financial crisis.

  • Always have a collar and leash ready tounexpectedtrips to the vet.

  • You can own your home for ten years, gradually building up your equity, until one day a car accident orunexpectedthe illness results in thousands of dollars in medical bills.

  • The student has aunexpectedspending and you have no choice but to put it on the card.

  • UnexpectedInterest Rate Increases: Cardholders have reported that the interest rates on their cards have unexpectedly increased without notice.

  • Even parents who are cooperative and tolerant of each other often findunexpectedbarricades while accommodation and visiting arrangements are worked out.

  • Southwest furniture lends itself to this type ofunexpectedI use because the pieces are very interesting and attractive.

  • Black also complements most wall, carpet, and drapery colors, making it easy, even ifunexpected, choice.

  • It is not difficult to make a platform bed, and this bed option has some interesting features andunexpectedBenefits.

  • One of the nicest parts of owning an "old house" is finding thoseunexpectedsurprises: those parts of the house that were covered during one of the (usually) many home improvement projects.

  • Hardware used for unique window treatment ideas can come from a fewunexpectedfuentes.

  • This will usually give you more than enough time to deal with any setbacks, obstacles, orunexpectedproblems that can arise during a remodeling job.

  • For example, use aunexpectedSeagrass upholstered armchair combined with a dyed upholstered sofa, accompanied by a whitewashed stripped wooden floor and a multicolored leather rug.

  • Enjoy the simplicity andunexpectedthe comforts of impromptu housework and create a rustic country-style décor all your own.

  • Be prepared to set aside money for renovations andunexpectedrepair.

  • Obviously, it should complement existing decor, but it's also a great opportunity to add aunexpectedor luxurious touch.

  • You can find the perfect color for your kitchen in a veryunexpectedPlace, place.

  • Add a wow factor to your Easter table with theunexpected.

  • Mix and match styles to create your own look and don't be afraid to include theunexpected.

  • He likes to useunexpectedcolor combinations to give your customers a unique look.

  • Do somethingunexpected- Just because your table is round doesn't mean your tablescape has to be predictable.

  • Use the lamp above and your tablecloth to add something.unexpected.

  • Other options are also available, such as hands-free and adjustable makeup mirrors, so you can look your best even in awkward orunexpectedconditions, especially when using a makeup mirror on a flat surface is impractical.

  • The latest addition to the Curve family is Kicks, a modern fragrance withunexpectedflavor combinations.

  • Sandalwood, oakmoss, ylang ylang, musk, moist ozone and pheromones addunexpectedflavors characteristic of this bright and youthful aroma.

  • Go mod with this very elegant,unexpectedFurnitureNY Brilliant Set.

  • And if you want to improve your look for the summer, opt for many colors inunexpectedshades of pink and purple.

  • On the other hand, there are actual working LED lights around the mirror, which is aunexpectedelement that can be useful for those who work in darker areas.

  • Many companies offerunexpectedshadows during the Halloween season.

  • Captured by some of the world's most intoxicating, intriguing and beloved ingredients, the scents bring togetherunexpectedelements.

  • Of course, perfume chemistry is a very personal and individual thing, but the fact that these notes work together is also very important.unexpected.

  • For a dramatic, stage-ready Rhianna makeup, play with dark shadows and pair them with aunexpectedbright pink lipstick burst.

  • that is certainlyunexpectedfor a McEvoy product in my personal experience.

  • Fantastic photographs contain theunexpected.

  • A picture of the birthday person looking at their presents before the party would be moreunexpectedphoto.

  • The Internet offers hundreds of chat rooms, community forums, and specialized sites dedicated to sharing this nostalgia with like-minded people, which adds aunexpectedpure fun bonus.

  • Nutritious fast food options are often found inunexpectedlocations.

  • Of all the birds that were served that first Thanksgiving, the partridge is the one that is tasty and it sure will be.unexpectedon your table, making your Thanksgiving dinner memorable.

  • Many scrapbookers tend to organize their books chronologically, but mixing photos from different time periods can be a way to add aunexpectedencourage your project.

  • SometimesunexpectedEvents, like the wind blowing your umbrella or your child splashing sand on their head, are great triggers for creativity.

  • This gives you the opportunity to extend your ski season, but there are someunexpectedBenefits.

  • Make a schedule to be productive, but leave room for breaks and time to deal withunexpected.

  • If you can adopt the ability to think calmly and clearly when somethingunexpectedhappens, you will have gone a long way in dealing with the major stressors in our lives.

  • Be sure not to overload your schedule, always leave space forunexpectedthings and breaks.

  • UnexpectedLayoffs, increased job responsibilities, and a very stressful job can make managing anger in the workplace a challenge.

  • Please note that this program is not set in stone, so if you find somethingunexpectedslips into your day, don't panic.

  • If you generally view situations as positive learning experiences, you'll experience less stress than anticipating the worst and looking at anything.unexpectednegatively.

  • Buy some extra gifts like boxes of candy to give tounexpectedguests who bring you a gift.

  • Managing Quadrant II responsibilities in a timely manner allows you more time to deal with urgent matters that areunexpectedevery time they come up.

  • Although more widely accepted in today's society, teen pregnancy is not always a welcome discovery, and for many teens, abortion is the only way to deal with what is often unwanted andunexpectedthe pregnancy.

  • This means that if somethingunexpectedcomes up, like a car repair, you don't have money to pay.

  • Over time, you'll have enough money saved to help pay for aunexpectedevent or for an extra special item.

  • In recent years, many cooks and chefs have begun to use the fruit not only in traditional desserts, but also inunexpectedways in savory dishes.

  • Berries, bananas, apples, carrots, and beets are sweet and nutritious juice ingredients, but think outside the box with tropical fruits andunexpectedlegumes

  • Should beunexpectedbut they still fit your wedding theme or your personalities.

  • Wearing a slightly different color scheme during the holidays will be aunexpectedRing for your wedding.

  • even thoughunexpectedchallenges turned out to be an incredibly wonderful marriage and the beginning of a very happy marriage.

  • These beautiful and alluring creatures are a great way to add romance to a wedding theme in a fun and creative way.unexpectedconduct.

  • Check out Clay Walker's recent release called 'Fore She Was Mama for anunexpectedbut fun twist on traditionally sentimental songs.

  • Somethingunexpectedis the selection of Wedding Berries from Bella Regalo.

  • For a summer wedding, prepare forunexpectedrains and high temperatures too.

  • Instead, use a motif, monogram, or typeface that suits the location and sets the right tone, but a little more personal orunexpected.

  • Even if you have chosen the perfect location, circumstances can get in the way.unexpectedinterruptions and challenges.

  • For example, crab apples can be used asunexpectedand attractive filler for your flowers, or you can choose grapes to enhance the purple flowers at the wedding.

  • Wedding colors for fall 2010 are rich, velvety, and in some cases,unexpected.

  • Yet when mixed with the deep, bold hues of the cooler months, they still work asunexpectedwedding colors for fall 2010

  • Modern color combinations are all about theunexpected.

  • The combination may seem a bitunexpected, but offers just the right pop of color to draw interest into plain bedding.

  • If you have an eye for himunexpectedPlease consider taking advantage of the many unique shower curtains available on the market today.

  • Designers strive to shake up these patterns even more by mixing them up.unexpectedcolors for more interest.

  • If you are thinking of surprising that special person with something completelyunexpected, consider a unique towel basket.

  • While it is shocking to hear about the death of a celebrity, it is even more shocking to learn that the death wasunexpected.

  • The only common element among these stars is that they all died very young, very early, and in completely shocking andunexpectedways.

  • The game has become aunexpectedsuccess, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (2000) was ranked the number one game for over a month.

  • Johansson sang the song Summertime for the album.UnexpectedDreams - Songs of the stars.

  • Her relationship with Armstrong received the most scrutiny in the press because their breakup after dating for two and a half years was completelyunexpected.

  • His death was sudden and completelyunexpected.

  • He was visiting Manhattan at the time of his sudden andunexpecteddeath.

  • West and his mother were very close and like herunexpectedin passing, he claims that he never had the proper time to mourn his loss.

  • After his sudden andunexpecteddeath, Hollywood pays tribute to Corey Haim.

  • However, as the show progressed, Seaborn became more of a supporting character, due to theunexpectedpopularity of some of the other actors and characters.

  • A bright lime green boys vest and tie is aunexpectedWelcome pop of color in various settings.

  • While these incidents are extremely rare, knowing what can happen in unusual situations can help passengers prepare for the event.unexpected.

  • ounexpectedThe mixture should delight all family members.

  • This ensures a more pleasant journey and minimizesunexpectedlast minute expenses that can often break the bank.

  • Dog owners may need to sell their pets due tounexpectedallergies, moving, new puppies, inability to care for the animal or incompatibility.

  • If you don't have pet health insurance, this vet is willing to set up payment plans for large pets andunexpectedGrades?

  • Pet insurance is one way pet owners can plan for theunexpected, to give them "peace of mind" knowing that their pet will be well cared for if theunexpectedHappens.

  • Dogs ownunexpected, and a single move can ruin the setup you've created.

  • Dogs often react to an owner's pregnancy inunexpectedways.

  • A Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog, affectionately named Great Lever, is stunningly beautiful to look at and moves with a sense of grace.unexpectedfor a dog his size.

  • This will give the soil time to warm up and eliminate any danger ofunexpectedcold waves

  • Because they are sensitive to cold, it is important to cover the seedlings at night in case of aunexpectedcold snap after the plants sprout.

  • Read the fine print carefully and be sure to budget more for theunexpected.

  • Pocket doors can be elegant andunexpecteddesign elements too.

  • Keep a sports jacket at your desk to wear over your shirt for aunexpectedreunion.

  • It's not every day someone gets the chance to wear a vibrant top that will turn heads and maybe even start conversations, but sometimes it can be fun to embrace theunexpected.

  • Although time does not call them,unexpectedConditions can strike at any time, and a nice thick, warm pair of socks can be very comforting while snuggling up in a tent or sitting around a campfire.

  • The 1960s were all about bright colors and sometimes evenunexpectedstyles.

  • Formulating your new custom organic skin care product could be exactly what you've always dreamed of, but to make sure there's nounexpectedsurprises, take the time to be an informed consumer.

  • So if the neighbor's dog digs up all your seedlings or aunexpectedfrost, you'll still have a few extra organic seedlings on hand, and you won't have to resort to buying nursery seedlings to replace those that have been lost.

  • Something like the Michela print dress is a little different for Easter, but the sleeveless tube style makes it classic, even if the geometric print isunexpected.

  • Having a black formal dress as part of your wardrobe means that you're always prepared for a special occasion, even if it'sunexpected.

  • Although they have been a mainstay in wardrobes around the world for centuries, the modern appeal of the tunic is something quite new andunexpected.

  • You will find, however, that they are available in a veritable rainbow of colors, ranging from neutrals like black and brown to moreunexpectedoptions like fuchsia and lime green.

  • In fact, it often looks better when worn with something slightlyunexpected, like a flowing dress or a daring tunic.

  • Snow sports enthusiasts and backpackers need essential warmth and protection fromunexpectedrains and showers.

  • UK Plus Size Sexy Teddy Bears are a great way to surprise that special man in your life with something a littleunexpectedand very naughty.

  • Slippage is the most common.unexpectedwinter driving conditions, but with proper snow driving safety techniques, drivers can minimize the dangers of a skid.

  • Although Tylenol is considered a safe medication for short-term use, it can causeunexpectedproblems when taken in doses higher than prescribed.

  • Before you leave, pack a few essential items to keep you safe in case something happens.unexpectedit happens and you are late or have car trouble on the way.

  • Like businesses, a school should have an emergency health and safety plan to deal withunexpectedsituations that threaten the safety of students and staff, or that have the potential to disrupt normal operations.

  • A winter driving safety kit can help you avoid manyunexpecteddifficulty.

    (Video) unexpected - 6 adjectives having the meaning of unexpected (sentence examples)
  • Traveling for three days or more with someone you do not live with can presentunexpectedquestions.

  • That way, you can budget ahead of time and several months in advance, helping to ensure that your budget numbers remain relevant and don't veer off course when theunexpectedincrease!

  • For oneunexpectedColor change, purple lenses are sure to turn heads.

  • sometimes showunexpectedmaterials like denim, leather, and Swarovski crystals in intricate portraits of skulls, dragons, and other popular choices in vintage tattoos.

  • change eye color to somethingunexpectedit can be fun and it will surprise the people around you.

  • Sometimes he modernizes them by combining aunexpectedlens color with them, such as blue or dark red, whether in movies or in real life.

  • Retro glasses can complement a complete retro look or can be worn with modern or formal looks for a sleek modern look.unexpectedVea.

  • They are large, wide and have aunexpectedcombination of curves and angles.

  • Another unique feature of this Danish line is theunexpecteddetail used in each frame.

  • Other frames may feature a band of bright color or a bold inner frame color that adds a touch ofunexpectedstyle.

  • The ride itself has been darkened to provide a more terrifying appearance.unexpectedride as many areas of the ride are now completely dark and riders cannot see upcoming twists and drops.

  • By creating a trio near the bottom of the screen, you can do many (oftenunexpected) chain reactions.

  • That being said, these Jewel Quest chain reactions can cause some frustration, especially if you're working on a specific tile just to have aunexpecteddisappearance takes away that all-important glowing skull, for example.

  • These unauthorized modifications could void the Wii warranty and cause otherunexpectedproblems.

  • You can easily find many interesting, funny andunexpectedPSX cheats for thousands of titles on cheat sites like and

  • Below is a list of several of these strangers,unexpectedinstances that can be found during your missions.

  • This can sometimes result inunexpectedmatching sets, which in turn can cause other matching sets, and so on.

  • who knows something fantasticunexpectedit may have happened and it's up to you to clean up the mess.

  • UnexpectedPlacing common styles, such as a high-top ponytail instead of a more traditional placement, or overusing hair accessories, such as mini barrettes or small ponytail clips.

  • Some people use fragmentation as a method to infuse ultra-bright shine,unexpectedshades in her natural hair color.

  • Sure, they might not elicit the same kind of emotion as a hit song or your favorite drink, but there's no denying the allure of a strand or two ofunexpectedpink tying its way through a healthy mane of hair.

  • The availability of everything from clip-on highlights to temporary colors makes it possible to experiment with this.unexpectedcolor before diving into something more permanent.

  • Long, flowing locks can look great, but if the wedding is on the beach or in an outdoor location, it could haveunexpectedbreezes, a wild style can be problematic.

  • With your penchant for the unusual andunexpectedand his ability to pull off almost any style with a smile on his face, Malakar has inspired some long-haired types to add some life to their own locks.

  • coward andunexpected, they make great use of texture.

  • Be bold and express your boldness with aunexpectedpunk hair color

  • This style is also great if there isunexpectedInclement weather arrives because the hair will continue to look smooth and polished.

  • For a new spin on an old classic, try pulling the bun slightly askew, which will look polished and classic, but slightlyunexpected.

  • If you have your own pens, please check if you can bring them and how much it will cost to avoid disappointment andunexpectedduty

  • Ask about hidden fees or other expenses to avoid being surprised byunexpectedcosts

  • Be sure to check exactly what is expected of you when you are approved for benefits so that you do not have problems such as interruption of benefits orunexpectedloss of eligibility for unemployment insurance.

  • Home inspection specialists provide general home inspections and roof inspections in the Chicago metropolitan area and Chicago suburbs to help protect you fromunexpectedhome system failures and associated repair bills.

  • Getting a mortgage refinance in Ontario, Canada can be a great way to get funds for many of life's problems.unexpectedsurprises

  • IsunexpectedThe development was particularly prevalent among homeowners who took out second mortgages, increasing the total amount owed.

  • You may also be constantly interrupted by phone calls, errand requests, andunexpectedvisits from family and friends who do not understand that you are actually working.

  • Although ultrasound scans are not performed for the purpose of determining the sex of a baby, they often provideunexpectedto benefit

  • Many women fear that their water will break at once.unexpectedmoment or they may not recognize the early stages of labor, but your coach will go over some of the early warning signs to put you at ease.

  • He covers you forunexpectedillness related to your pregnancy by providing a portion of your regular wages while you are unable to work.

  • This can be aunexpectedevent in your life, but if it does happen, you'll be better off having a plan in place first.

  • If that happens, the couple is naturally faced with a difficult dilemma ofunexpectedand, in some cases, unwanted pregnancies.

  • For some couples, theunexpectedthe shock may result in a happy event, while others may be devastated by the news.

  • UnexpectedComplications during pregnancy can also lead to unplanned absences from work.

  • While it can be an advantage to have paid time off as part of maternity leave, this can be a problem if you have to take time off work later due to the birth of your newborn.unexpectedillness.

  • Immunizations and child care visits plusunexpectedVisits to the doctor are also worth mentioning.

  • If the mother is absent from work, consider these costs and planunexpected.

  • UnexpectedBleeding and cramping during pregnancy have many women wondering, "Can I get my period if I'm pregnant?"

  • Bed rest often comes as aunexpectedSurprise, many women worry about the financial implications of being stuck at home.

  • In this way, if somethingunexpectedhappens, you will have all the necessary phone numbers at your fingertips.

  • Here are some times you can check out, but keep an eye out for bikini competitions onunexpectedlocations.

  • As mentioned, even the mostunexpectedretailers often start offering a few beach essentials once summer rolls around.

  • While they offer considerably more coverage than other types of swimsuits, they can shift, ride up, and provideunexpectedviews of those places you prefer to hide.

  • In caseunexpectedthe rains are coming, take an umbrella or raincoat too.

  • Choose a suit withunexpecteda touch of lace or outrageously placed buttons can certainly spice up your beach trip.

  • Is heunexpectedexposed strips of skin.

  • You're trying to leave something to the imagination, so don't take chances.unexpectedexhibition.

  • However, we are also treatedunexpectedviews of places not normally considered beach destinations, such as Israel and St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • Although the swimsuits aren't the same, Marissa vaguely resembles SI student Cheryl Tiegs, who also showed off her full breasts in aunexpectedin the 1978 edition.

  • There are other reasons to invest in embroidered tablecloths, and it's just as innovative andunexpectedgift that is sure to please anyone.

  • Swimsuit mishaps can range from the mundane to theunexpected.

  • Wearing a leather bathing suit is equally edgy and feminine, and a great way to add a little oomph.unexpectedtalented to get you fit in the sun, fun and looking your best.

  • Paying attention to small details like these can save you fromunexpectedshame afterwards.

  • These suits are truly unique because the designs that are combined with each other give rise tounexpectedcombinations

  • Even if you feel healthy overall, a probiotic can help your immune system prepare in case youunexpectedstress or change disrupts your system.

  • The trench coat is a classic piece that has been constantly reinvented over the years, beginning as the neutral basic to move on to the most daring,unexpectedterritories that involve animal print, more daring colors and metallic sparkles.

  • Some clever simulation pieces went viral and soon the Snuggie designer was enjoying aunexpectedadvertising.

  • Find something to wear over your tank top or skinny tee and jeans to look a little dressier for aunexpectedMeeting with a friend or someone special?

  • They are elegant and oftenunexpectedalternative to low-cut dresses in the front.

  • With their defined waists, sweetheart necklines and full skirts, they present an extremely feminine and carefully crafted look.unexpectedoption for women who want to try something different for a special occasion.

  • Best to keep warm, of course, but the other highlights were theunexpectedelements that the designers brought to their respective collections.

  • If you're building a new home or business, it can be easy to plan for these installation issues and avoidunexpectedcosts

  • No talent is wasted on community service projects, and everyone fromunexpectedFrom empty nesters to retired athletes, they can find fulfillment and purpose in serving their local community.

  • If you're always caught off guard by Santa's secret exchanges at work orunexpectedChristmas parties for your children, develop a small stock of art supplies, scented candles, and other small gifts to use for this purpose.

  • OneunexpectedA huge hit in the UK and around the world, "Last Christmas" is a song that many other singers want to sing along to, and listeners never tire of hearing it, no matter how it's performed.

  • Kumquat in Spice Syrup with Cloves, Cinnamon and Star Anise - A citrusy cousin, thisunexpectedtreat can be used in many ways.

  • They can be great gifts to have on hand forunexpectedguests.

  • physician William Cummings created this upbeat music ofunexpectedfuentes.

  • ounexpectedit is best for fun costumes.

  • The more personalized andunexpectedthe gift can be, the more romantic it is.

  • Put your Valentine's gift in aunexpectedplace, letting her loved one find it while she goes about her daily routine.

  • ounexpectedthe note will elicit a loving smile and let your loved one know you are thinking of him or her.

  • ounexpectedThe answer is funny, but often only in the moment.

  • Whatever it is, it must beunexpected.

  • Remember that many of them can also be signs of love - theunexpectedgift (which could end up being an engagement ring), the mysterious phone calls (they could be planning a surprise party).

  • When you put a sincere thought into a love letter, the recipient will appreciate it.unexpected, old-fashioned and romantic gesture.

  • Deep romantic love can appearunexpectedor develop over time.

  • Some couples prefer pendants,unexpectedproposals.

  • Always make sure you have a simplified backup plan in case the original idea doesn't work due to technical orunexpectedcircumstances.

  • The key to creative marriage proposals is to beunexpectedon at least one, but preferably several of these factors.

  • Nesting the ring in aunexpectedplace, such as inside a beautiful long-stemmed rose or submerged in a glass of sparkling champagne.

  • because it is aunexpectedtime, it may be easier to surprise the bride-to-be.

  • Diamond right hand rings are eclectic designs that incorporate beautiful gemstones in new and exciting ways.unexpectedstandards

  • Creative and unique proposals include hiding a ring in a rose,unexpectedproposal poems or carve the proposal message on a tree.

  • Surprise marriage proposals can be a fun way to pop the question, but it takes more to making a successful surprise marriage proposal than just one.unexpectedQuestion.

  • There are many ways to organize an impromptu meeting,unexpected, creative proposal.

  • Details must be carefully coordinated so as not to arouse suspicion, and plans must be flexible to accommodate anyunexpectedchanges. At the same time, a surprise marriage proposal is not for everyone.

  • A woman who appreciates classic romance may prefer a more romantic proposal, and trying to force a surprise for this important issue may haveunexpectedand unwanted results when the response is also a surprise.

  • Total disbelief seems to take over the entire stadium at thisunexpectedturn of events

  • If the proposal comes as a surprise, you may need time to consider your response or to get over the shock of your response.unexpectedQuestion.

  • For an elegant butunexpectedLook, consider a pearl promise ring.

  • Oval diamonds are aunexpectedchoose, and your ring will look unique.

  • IsunexpectedThe style is one you will love for years to come.

  • in the case of aunexpectedcomputer crash or the sudden illness of a child, it's good to have a group of qualified writers that you can use as subcontractors to make sure your clients aren't left in the lurch.

  • pairingunexpectedColors with occasional stud detailing and a chunky zipper, or functional kangaroo pockets with a printed nameplate inside, the brand's bag represents effortless stylish organization.

  • Unexpectedcombinations, such as canvas and patent leather or metallic leather and straw, often result in the most striking and memorable pieces a woman can own.

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  • It has a sensible design combined with aunexpectedcolor scheme

  • Although denim bags are quiteunexpected, this is one that is sure to stand the test of time.

  • Available in a variety ofunexpectedanimal prints, these stylish bags are sure to turn heads.

  • The epitome of the perfect wallet, this sleek Nica wallet pairs buttery-smooth black leather with light blue screen printing for aunexpected, playful look.

  • In fact, the Boss line, although inherently classic and refined, manages to put its touch of luxury even in the most sophisticated environments.unexpectedpieces (think casual handbags with stylish personalities).

  • Despite the fact that a leather bag is inherently elegant in its own right, the addition of handcrafted artwork adds a unique and unique flair.unexpectedtouch that is sure to make you stand out from the rest.

  • Unexpectedthe color adds fun to any wallet or purse.

  • Making creative accessories for people of all ages, the retailer introduces a line of fun MacBook cases with all kinds ofunexpectedfingerprints.

  • Incorporating 17 colours, it offered an incredibleunexpectedand a unique take on a classic bag.

  • The removable inner pad is ideal for cleaning.unexpectedmess.

  • Provides information on the current situation, expectations,unexpected, the immediate future and the possible long-term outcome.

  • They tend to have a killer sense of humor that flares up at the mostunexpectedtimes.

  • For example, if Uranus is squaring your Ascendant, you might be upset aboutunexpectedlife events.

  • Be sure to read the fine print so you know what's not included; otherwise you could be hit byunexpectedcharges

  • Most stores that sell pirate kids' bedding also carry matching accessories, but feel free to look outside the bedding aisle for some fun and fun.unexpecteddecorations

  • The library can beunexpectedplace to help you watch free DVD movies.

  • when oneunexpectedAn event at Bella's birthday party drives the Cullens away from her, Bella turns to her best friend Jacob Black to ease her depression.

  • The Cullen family isn't the only one hiding a secret; Jake joins what Bella thinks is a cult and when oneunexpectedvisitor brings terrible news, Bella must choose between the two families.

  • James Cameron's latest movie, Titanic, broke the typical preview mold with a nearly four-minute trailer, making it not a movie at all.unexpectedmove.

  • The premise of these videos is that the first part creates a feeling of tranquility and calm and, at best,unexpectedmoment the scene quickly changes to a close-up of a very scary or grotesque face.

  • He added that guests should be prepared for theunexpected.

  • Take quizzes about how good of a friend you are or what is the best way to cope.unexpectedsituations can help you improve.

  • Be prepared for emergencies as aunexpectedjob loss or serious illness.

  • This will prevent you from being surprised by the amount of refund you receive and will protect you againstunexpectedcharges, fees, or limitations placed on how you can earn or spend your refund.

  • Develop a savings plan to increase a cash reserve forunexpectedexpenses or major purchases.

  • This will help you stay on budget during your shopping trip, making it easier to recognize a good deal when you come across one.unexpectedpromotion.

  • Although there are someunexpectedbenefits of the economic downturn, poor financial conditions can also create problems.

  • This way you have extra money in your savings to coverunexpectedexpenses and is prepared for your budget differences when the child arrives.

  • However, retirees should always practice saving when on a fixed income so that aunexpectedspending does not interfere with their lives.

  • While experts generally recommend saving three to six months of living expenses in an easily accessible account, having as little as $500 to $1,000 can help keepunexpectedexpenses turn into big financial crises.

  • This eliminates the problem of shrinkage in the wash or the need for new clothes after aunexpectedGrowth bud.

  • Learning how to save money quickly will help you pay for aunexpecteddebt quickly.

  • Some people do a zero-based budget in which every penny is allocated to a specific spending category, while others leave a small reserve forunexpectedpurchasing.

  • A small emergency fund is one that can be used when the family vehicle needs repair or aunexpectedthere is a medical expense.

  • A child's broken arm or a bad case of the flu that requires a trip to the ER can cost several thousand dollars inunexpectedcosts.

  • Dealing withunexpectedExpenses can be stressful, but it's important not to panic when dealing with a financial crisis.

  • If you have a week or two before you need the money, selling items online can be a good way to pay.unexpectedcosts.

  • Have fun with this shoe; thisunexpectedand easily upgrade your basic nautical outfit.

  • You can buy loafers in black, Mary Janes in brown, or if your workplace isn't quite conservative, wear your shoes to add just a pop of color when you're at it.unexpected.

  • Nothing is off limits; even the mostunexpectedthe elements are being treated with a layer of vibrant colors.

  • one of the mostunexpectedcompanies that have been successful in the footwear sector for some time, Onesole brings the women's wardrobe to life in an unusual way.

  • The shoe transitioned into modern life quite easily, often seen on women who wear them for both comfort and to make a statement.unexpectedstyle statement.

  • Tuck your pants in, wear them outside, or pair them with a skirt for aunexpectedLook, it's still very hot.

  • Kristen wore her high tops on the red carpet with dresses and tunics, and we loved seeing her pair her naturally distressed sneakers with theunexpected.

  • This attractive color isunexpectedfor an event that typically sees a lot of light tones and neutrals, then you can expect it to stand out and make quite a statement.

  • Users love the sweet sensuality of peep toes - somethingunexpectedin a boot

  • add aunexpecteddetail in the boot and slight playful movement in the feet.

  • The result is a variety ofunexpecteddesigns like metallic oxfords with contrasting laces, high-heeled patent loafers, checked Mary Janes and more.

  • Designers often look to the past to stimulate "new" ideas and take modernity to the next level.unexpectedVea.

  • are innovative andunexpected, using a variety of colors and boot styles to make a bolder statement than ever.

  • Some are even site-exclusive, so you might end up with something completelyunexpected.

  • These shoes are not for the timid; add a lot of height and a shot ofunexpectedglam up the bridal outfit!

  • Unexpectedbut not inappropriate, turquoise is bright, cheerful and uplifting, ingredients that add a cheerful tone to a special day.

  • But when theunexpectedhappens and you can't sit through the show or miss the opportunity to record it, you can be sure that an update will be available soon after it airs.

  • At the end of 2007, two years after hisunexpectedAfter the match, Budig agreed to return to All My Children to reprise her role as mean girl Greenlee Smythe.

  • The song's soft piano notes are the perfect texture of silence,unexpectedesperanza.

  • Interested in learning more about Austin Butler on Life?Unexpected?

  • Austin Butler debuted as a recurring character on The CW's LifeUnexpectedin the spring of 2010.

  • Actor Austin Butler sat down with Love To Know Soap Operas to discuss Jones' interest in Lux, the Cassidy family, and Life.Unexpected.

  • The second season of lifeUnexpectedrevisits the lives of Cate and Baze and the daughter Cate gave up for adoption, Lux.

  • LifeUnexpectedis the story of how Lux finds her parents and her parents find her andunexpectedtwists and turns in their lives as they try to become a family.

  • before lifeUnexpected, Butler appears in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, Zoey 101, Hannah Montana, iCarly, Ruby and the Rockits, and The Wizards of Waverly Place.

  • Of course you can also see Austin Butler in LifeUnexpectedevery time your character appears in the story line.

  • Love To Know Soap Operas would like to thank Austin for taking the time to talk about life.UnexpectedI wish you luck in all your future endeavors.

  • In the 2010-2011 season, One Tree Hill began airing its seventh season along with the second series Life.Unexpected.

  • he suffers aunexpectedblood clot and Izzie runs in, only to find a team of medics doing the same thing trying to save him.

  • It is not uncommon to find these tough tattoos onunexpectedplaces like the inner lip or on a bald head.

  • If you opt for more than one star symbol, varying the color pattern is a great way to add a unique touch andunexpectedtalent for your design.

  • Another thing to know before getting a shoulder tattoo is that shoulder tattoos can cause someunexpectedinsect.

  • Note that Tinkerbell has a defenseless pixie figure; consider adding it tounexpectedplaces for a special dose of magic.

  • After all, nothing spoils a well-planned trip faster than aunexpectedillness or injury.

  • Careful preparation for a vacation in paradise also allows you to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf without sacrificing your sanity.unexpectedsituations arise.

  • UnexpectedParking fees can really affect your travel budget.

  • The line includes analog and digital watches withunexpectedDetails.

  • Perhaps the most important experience for me was aunexpecteddeep peace that settled in me during a visit to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India.

  • One of the challenges in finding toys for autistic children is the potential forunexpectedConsequences.

  • Problems can also arise when a child has to dounexpectedtransitions

  • Items in photos may have aunexpectedadverse effect on the body's immune system.

  • Oneunexpectedthe opening happened in TI this morning because XX left.

  • if you suspectunexpectedvisitors claiming to be hotel employees providing a service you did not request, please call the lobby to verify.

  • A really good business plan will incorporate contingencies such as diversification orunexpectedopportunities.

  • Also, many casual sellers on eBay will haveunexpectedfederal taxes when your hobby is no longer considered a business under IRS rules.

  • When running a business, you must be able to provide services or deliver products to your customers, even when theunexpectedHappens.

  • While this works for some people, it's always better to have a business plan to better deal withunexpectedsituations that may arise.

  • While income is fun to think about, it's important not to underestimate expenses, especially during the startup phase whenunexpectedexpenses tend to appear.

  • Being in traffic with the sounds and theunexpectedThe possibilities that are presented are very different from those of any simulator.

  • Thoseunexpectedthe expenses can eat away at the money you could save with a lower rate.

  • No matter how well you plan,unexpectedexpenses will arise.

  • By raising additional money through cheerleading fundraisers for a "rainy day" fund, you can cover some of theseunexpectedcosts beyond your annual budget.

  • That way, you won't be caught off guard by long response times orunexpectedshipping costs or personalization.

  • However, hunting is a lot of fun and you can find a lot of inspiration in someunexpectedlocations.

  • Decorating a simple tie can add aunexpectedcheer yourself up with this traditional Father's Day gift.

  • You can give a card a unique touch by adding a touch ofunexpectedcolor like water

  • A few years ago, my parents came to aunexpectedVisit.

  • I am highly motivated and one of the most amazing, but alsounexpected, benefits is that it totally improves your way of thinking and feeling.

  • Drizzle cinnamon sticks into marinated meats to add aunexpectedsavor your dinner

  • Random intervals add bursts ofunexpectedintensity to an exercise routine.

  • Kettlebells offer a lot of value for your fitness buck, but the reason they're effective is because they work your core and offset your balance inunexpectedways you balance the weight.

  • will save you fromunexpectedand unpleasant surprises in the future.

  • You will also avoid unpleasant surprises andunexpectedcosts in the dental office.

  • Umbrella protects your personal assets inunexpectedevents and accidents such as falls, animal bites and personal liability in car accidents.

  • UnexpectedEvents can happen anywhere, at any time.

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  • unexpected
  • unexpected
  • unexpectedly
  • unpredictability
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  • unexpected hanging paradox
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What is an example of something unexpected? ›

The definition of unexpected is something that was not planned or anticipated. If you get pregnant when you did not mean to, this is an example of a pregnancy that would be described as unexpected.

What is a simple sentence for unexpectedly? ›

Sales were unexpectedly high this month. He arrived unexpectedly this morning. They came to the party unexpectedly.

How can I use it in a sentence example? ›

We commonly use the pronoun it as both a subject and an object pronoun:
  1. Don't drink the milk. It smells terrible.
  2. Has anyone seen my phone? I can't find it anywhere.
  3. That furniture is lovely. It isn't too expensive for us, is it?
  4. You know the flat with three bedrooms by the supermarket?
Mar 1, 2023

When can I use unexpectedly? ›

in a way that is not expected: Their campaign was unexpectedly successful. She showed up unexpectedly at the game. He went on vacation to Spain, where he died unexpectedly.

How do you say something is unexpected? ›

Synonyms of unexpected
  1. sudden.
  2. unanticipated.
  3. unforeseen.
  4. abrupt.
  5. unlooked-for.
  6. startling.
  7. unplanned.
  8. surprising.

What is another word for something unexpected? ›

abrupt, accidental, amazing, astonishing, fortuitous, startling, stunning, sudden, swift, unanticipated, unforeseen, unpredictable, wonderful, chance, electrifying, eye-opening, impetuous, impulsive, instantaneous, out of the blue.

What are 5 sentences examples? ›

5 sentences:
  • My mom taught me to finish everything on my plate at dinner.
  • The only problem with a pencil, is that they do not stay sharp long enough.
  • Our school building is made of bricks.
  • Every night I get woken up by the sound of a barking dog across the street.
  • Salad is for rabbits.

What is a simple sentence 5 examples? ›

Simple Sentences

Examples of simple sentences include the following: Joe waited for the train. The train was late. Mary and Samantha took the bus.

How do you make 5 sentences? ›

A five sentence paragraph consists of a main idea sentence, three sentences that explain the main idea with reasons, details or facts and a concluding sentence.

How can you start a sentence? ›

10 Tips for Starting a Sentence
  1. Consider your central theme. Before you get started constructing a sentence, consider what your essential point is. ...
  2. Examine the previous sentence. ...
  3. Use transition words. ...
  4. Use a preposition. ...
  5. Try a subject opener. ...
  6. Try a clausal opener. ...
  7. Use an “ing” word. ...
  8. Use an “ed” word.
Sep 7, 2021

How to use how in a sentence? ›

We use how when we introduce direct and indirect questions:
  1. I haven't seen you for ages. ...
  2. How was the film? ...
  3. Do you know how I can get to the bus station?
  4. I asked her how she was but she didn't answer me.
  5. How old is your grandfather?
  6. How often do you get to your cottage at weekends?
Mar 1, 2023

What does it mean to do something unexpected? ›

un·​ex·​pect·​ed ˌən-ik-ˈspek-təd. : not expected : unforeseen. an unexpected happening.

What does totally unexpected mean? ›

DEFINITIONS1. something that is unexpected is surprising, because you did not expect it at all, or you expected it to happen in a different way. Help came from an unexpected quarter. Her divorce was totally unexpected.

What's the difference between unexpected and unexpectedly? ›

"He waited unexpectantly" = He waited, expecting nothing. "He waited unexpectedly" = He was not expected to wait, but did so.

How do you express unexpected surprise? ›

Expressions of surprise
  1. (as) large as life idiom.
  2. (upon) my word! idiom.
  3. (well) I'll be damned! idiom.
  4. accha.
  5. achha.
  6. actually.
  7. ask.
  8. ay.
Mar 1, 2023

What's another way to say unexpected surprise? ›

Some common synonyms of surprise are amaze, astonish, astound, and flabbergast. While all these words mean "to impress forcibly through unexpectedness," surprise stresses causing an effect through being unexpected but not necessarily unusual or novel.

What is another word for sudden and unexpected? ›

Some common synonyms of sudden are abrupt, headlong, impetuous, and precipitate. While all these words mean "showing undue haste or unexpectedness," sudden stresses unexpectedness and sharpness or violence of action.

What is a simple simple sentence? ›

Simple sentences are sentences containing one independent clause, with a subject and a predicate. Modifiers, compound subjects, and compound verbs/predicates can be used in simple sentences. The standard arrangement of a simple sentence is subject + verb + object, or SVO order.

What are some short sentences? ›

A basic simple sentence: “I'm going for a run.” A simple sentence with a compound subject: “Jill and I are going for a run.” A simple sentence with compound verbs: “I'm going to run and bike.” A simple sentence that is an imperative—a command with an implied subject: “Give me the salt, please.”

What words make a simple sentence? ›

A simple sentence contains a subject and a verb, and it may also have an object and modifiers. However, it contains only one independent clause. Here are a few examples: She wrote.

What is a 50 word sentence? ›

How Many Sentences Is 50 Words? 50 words is about 2-4 sentences. A sentence typically has 15–20 words.

What is a short sentence for kids? ›

Simple Sentences For Kids To Act Out

He reads a book. The dog barks. The cat sits on the mat. I hop on one foot.

What is a simple sentence 4 examples? ›

Examples of Simple Sentence. Emma is writing a letter. We wake up early in the morning. My brother speaks loudly.

What is a full sentence? ›

What is a “Complete Sentence”? What elements must a construction have for it to be a complete sentence? Answer: It must have a subject and a predicate. An example of a simple, complete sentence is “She sleeps.” She is the subject; sleeps is the predicate. In this instance, the complete predicate is the verb sleeps.

What are some common sentences? ›

Top 10 English phrases and sentences you need to know
  • Good morning. Sometimes, all you need to start the day right is a good coffee and someone greeting you smiling. ...
  • Good afternoon. ...
  • My name is Mondly. ...
  • I'm pleased to meet you. ...
  • How are you? ...
  • Fine, thanks. ...
  • I'd like a beer. ...
  • I'm sorry.

What is the most longest English sentence? ›

One of Molly Bloom's soliloquies in James Joyce's epic novel 'Ulysses' features a sentence of 4,491 words. The Guinness Book of Records lists the longest proper sentence as one from William Faulkner's novel 'Absalom, Absalom!' (1,287 words).

What do I write a sentence? ›

A sentence is complete when it contains both a subject and verb. A complete sentence makes sense on its own. Every sentence must have a subject, which usually appears at the beginning of the sentence. A subject may be a noun (a person, place, or thing) or a pronoun.

How do you learn big sentences? ›

But if you learn whole sentences, instead of words by themselves, you can learn a lot faster!
  1. Read, read and read.
  2. Use moving pictures, too.
  3. Look through phrase dictionaries.
  4. Write to remember.
  5. Keep learning grammar.
  6. Pay attention.
  7. Get creative, get better.
  8. Most of all, practice!
Apr 29, 2022

What are the 5 sentence openers? ›

In this lesson you have learned to use several kinds of sentence openers: dependent clause, prepositional phrases, infinitive phrases, -ing word groups, and transitional words.

What is a good beginning sentence starter? ›

Below is a list of possible sentence starters, transitional and other words that may be useful. This essay discusses … … is explored … … is defined … The definition of … will be given … is briefly outlined … … is explored … The issue focused on …. … is demonstrated ... … is included …

Why example sentences? ›

Why as a question word. We can use why to ask about reasons and explanations: Why did he leave home when he was 16? Why didn't you tell Gemma?

What are 5 adjectives examples? ›

Adjectives are words that describe the qualities or states of being of nouns: enormous, doglike, silly, yellow, fun, fast.

How do you use and in a sentence grammar? ›

We use and to connect two words, phrases, clauses or prefixes together:
  1. Televisions and computers are dominating our daily life. ( ...
  2. I have to shower and change. ( ...
  3. The photos are black and white. ( ...
  4. My best friend and my father's father both come from Wales. ( ...
  5. She got to the door and put the key in the latch. (
Mar 1, 2023

How do you react to something unexpected? ›

Ways to Deal With Unexpected Events
  1. Accept That Life Is Full of Unexpected Events. ...
  2. Try to Shake the Idea of Perfectionism. ...
  3. Don't Play the “Blame Game” ...
  4. Act, Don't React. ...
  5. Breathe. ...
  6. Expect the Unexpected. ...
  7. Try to Remain Positive. ...
  8. Talk About It.
Mar 6, 2021

Does unexpected mean surprise? ›

If an event or someone's behaviour is unexpected, it surprises you because you did not think that it was likely to happen.

What does expected the unexpected mean? ›

Do not be surprised by unusual events. Anything might happen.

What are unexpected events? ›

Definition. 1. Unforeseen, unexpected events. An event that can be expected, but improbable at the time or a fully unprecedented event – can be a new situation for instance. It implies a work disruption.

What is unexpected situation? ›

If an event or someone's behaviour is unexpected, it surprises you because you did not think that it was likely to happen.

How would you describe something unexpected happened? ›

Someone or something that comes out of nowhere or from nowhere appears suddenly and unexpectedly: Suddenly, out of nowhere a huge, grey dog bounded up to us. A similar expression is out of thin air: I hadn't seen him approaching. He seemed to appear out of thin air.

What defines an unexpected experience? ›

The use of sensors for perspective defines an untethered experience. Perspective refers to the key to how the choice of camera distance and focal length describe space; a wide-angle lens can make a room seem bigger.

What is the word for an unexpected or sudden event? ›

surprise. noun. an unusual or unexpected event.

What is an unplanned or unexpected event? ›

Unplanned Event: An unexpected occurrence that is not normal behavior or anticipated condition for the process.

What is a synonym for shocking unexpected? ›

astonished. adjective. very surprised about something that you did not expect.

How do you face an unexpected situation in life? ›

4 Ways to Survive Unexpected Situations
  1. Pause before you act. There is a huge difference between a reaction and a response. ...
  2. Don't assume that the things you don't want are bad. ...
  3. Plan for everything to turn out well. ...
  4. Trust in your ability to be OK.
May 21, 2016

What is it called when something good happens unexpectedly? ›

serendipities. If you find good things without looking for them, serendipity — unexpected good luck — has brought them to you. Serendipity does not come from Latin or Greek, but rather was created by a British nobleman in the mid 1700s from an ancient Persian fairy tale.

What do you call unexpected circumstances? ›

“unforeseen circumstances” synonyms: out of the blue, unanticipated, unlooked-for unexpected. not expected or anticipated.


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