The best State of Decay 2 maps: which one to choose (2023)

The best State of Decay 2 maps: which one to choose

Seasoned State of Decay 2 players are very adept at the style of play they are going to run on each map. Therefore, some of them only allow the game to randomly select a map for added excitement.

Playing as a novice or intermediate is a different case. You should carefully consider which map you would like to be punished on, as the game is not forgiving of those who don't know what trouble they have decided to get themselves into. Yes, the maps have a variety of horror to offer, from the type of terrain to the type of bases and landmarks they have. It's best to check first if you're ready to play on a given map, and consider checking out this list for some guides and tips before diving into the game.

Here are the maps ranked from good to best and why you should choose them.

5. Providence Summit

The best State of Decay 2 maps: which one to choose (1)

"The Long and Windy Road"

Crossing Providence Ridge is like crossing the inside of an intestine. Zigzags, earrings, unit lengths are some of the items you might want to look at. While some find it exciting, others just couldn't handle this driving nightmare, so quit the game or switch maps. Not everything is horrible, since this map has advantages.


Great things about Providence Ridge:

  • big background
  • abundance of materials
  • new hope church

Providence Ridge's pride when it comes to bases is the Prescott Fire Station and Lundegaard Lumber Mill. The former is known for being a "beginner's base" due to its built-in utility facility, while the latter is famous for its Big Five open slots.

In the abundance of materials, head to the northwest of the map and if you're playing on a lower level, the unfinished construction sites are backpacker's paradise. It can certainly help you build your beds and other facilities quickly. Speaking of beds, this might not be such a big deal, as the New Hope Church outpost provides additional beds along with a morale boost and reduced zombie threat.

Choose this map if you also like:

  • Take long and crazy trips
  • Pacific Northwest aesthetic look

4. Drucker County

The best State of Decay 2 maps: which one to choose (2)

"¡We will rock you!"

This map is the twin brother of Providence Ridge in terms of driving difficulty. The rocks here are still noticeable despite updates made by the developers to lessen this obstacle. Thanks for the shortcuts, however, with the patience to explore them on the map, you won't hesitate to go off the roads.

Great things about Drucker County:

  • Barricade Strip Mall
  • Gas stations deliver backpacks of fuel and material
  • Sasser Regional Hospital

Barricaded Strip Mall is arguably one of the best bases in the game due to its essential interior facilities as well as customization. Now, to help you upgrade your bases quickly, materials are available not only at well-known locations, but also at gas stations. Two birds with one stone, so to speak. Plenty of fuel or gasoline can make up for your long drives on this map.

(Video) State Of Decay 2 Cascade Hills Best Bases In 2022

Sasser Regional Hospital is the envy of other attractions, improving health, reducing injuries, reducing plague infection, and providing two treatments.

Choose this map if you also like:

  • A roller coaster ride
  • The occasional (or frequent) adrenaline rush due to getting caught in obstacles that could take the life of your survivor
  • discovering shortcuts
  • Warm appearance like a dessert.

3. Cascading Hills

The best State of Decay 2 maps: which one to choose (3)

"From Dusk Till Dawn"

Cascade Hills is for players who intentionally want to get lost. This map isn't that big, but the mess and remnants of the plague disaster in key areas make for a solid challenge. It also has a horrible starting point which is deadly as you will find yourself crouched down by the presence of hordes.

Great things about Cascade Hills:

  • large defensive bases
  • Loads of features right out of the box
  • Leeds Concrete Silos

While the threats in Cascade Hills are almost instantaneous once you arrive, they are countered by a wealth of resources found near your home base. Upgrading your base here is a piece of cake if you have the right mix of stealth and run-and-gun gameplay that you can use to free the legendary Concrete Silos of Leeds from plague territory. This milestone speeds up your construction and negates the maintenance of daily things.

Logically, the 2 most defensive bases are in this game, namely Bridge Fort and Container Fort. The latter is located in the “Mardi Gras” area of ​​all kinds of zeds, where the freaks are always in “dragon dance” mode, like on Chinese New Year.

Choose this map if you also like:

(Video) State of Decay 2 Best Base Locations Every Map!

  • Afternoon. The twilight look here is both romantic and spooky.
  • Urban warfare due to clustering of buildings in a small area
  • High level driving experience due to almost unfair placement of large debris in confined areas.
  • defending the base

2. Thinner Valley

The best State of Decay 2 maps: which one to choose (4)

"Whisky de Tennessee"

Alcohol! This is the only word that fits well for this map. Well, of course, the pleasure of being able to drive as smooth as "Tennessee Whiskey" from here on this beginner map is another big highlight.

Great things about Meagher Valley:

  • Squelones Brewing Company
  • fast travel
  • fast supplies

If you want to earn money in this game, this is your map. The alcohol here flows like water. Thanks to the 2 large breweries at Squelones Brewing Company, you can mass-produce beers like in Breaking Bad and peddle them to enclaves like a Girl Scout selling cookies. Players prefer medium or light vehicles on most maps, but here, hop into your nice, shiny, heavy-duty Vandito and traverse the vast plains with ease.

On the other hand, here is the least favorite benchmark position, which only provides morale and power, which is only useful if you do not go for Builder Legacy. So not having much of a challenge here will eventually push you to try another map for more excitement.

Choose this map if you also like:

  • Loot rare weapons with ease
  • Clear sky, green field environment.

1. Vale Trumbull

The best State of Decay 2 maps: which one to choose (5)

"Old Road"

(Video) State Of Decay 2 Trumbull Valley Bases GUIDE In-Depth LOOK | Which Is The Best?

This map is the latest addition to the game and it is the best in every way. It has the combination of all map experiences. The plains and mogul experience of Meagher Valley, the challenging terrain of Providence Ridge and Drucker County, and the obstacles of Cascade Hills. Also, it is the only map that offers stories that eradicate the monotony of the other four maps.

Great things about Trumbull Valley:

  • Base única (Red Talon Daybreak FOB)
  • Missions to revive the city.
  • Unique Weapon Loots
  • Echo Lab Research Station

All the maps have great bases (and Trumbull Valley probably has the best base, which is the Farmland Compound), but the most unique of all that Red Talon Agent has to offer is the one that tops them all. Also, the unique weapons of the game that are only found here are just waiting to be found.

If you want to be a tycoon, there may not be alcohol to mass-produce and sell here, but you do have the Echo Lab Research Station, which makes mass-producing plague cures much more efficient. Most plague cures sell for much more money.

The highlight of all is having the experience to help make this old town better again. From Tressie's search to Lily, you'll never run out of things to do and that's what breaks the monotony.

Choose this map if you also like:

  • To get to your first base safer than Cascade Hills
  • More Challenging Rare Weapon Loots
  • The massive presence of zombies and monsters (most in the game) in the Marshall area for an ultimate challenge.

These maps can be ranked from good to best, but the difficulty you have chosen also plays a vital role. Note that the inclusion of plague territory makes acquiring outposts, waypoints, and bases bloodier, especially at a higher level. Perhaps Meagher Valley is the easiest map of all, but its lethal status shouldn't be taken for granted.

Your map preference will change as you get deeper into the game. Don't just read guides or get people's opinions on which map to play. Try them all! Your first hand experience will give you different tastes and thoughts. Who knows if the map at the bottom of this list works for you much better than the rest?

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