State of Decay 2: Get More Outposts (2023)

The neweststate of decay 2The update focuses on Plague Hearts and the spread of the blood plague. It offers new challenges for experienced players, but can contain a lot of information for new or old players to digest. This is in addition to any tutorials that the game goes through at the beginning.

As players seek out more outposts amidst the growing spread of bloodplague in Undead Labs,Sandbox survival game, they will quickly reach the initial limit. Obtaining more outposts requires certain resources and skills, and the update means players will also need to take on surrounding plague hearts in order to claim them.

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How to get more outpost slots

State of Decay 2: Get More Outposts (1)

AlthoughState of Decay 3 was missing from E3This year, many people are still trying the second game for the first time. It can be a bit overwhelming when creating a community for the first time, and outposts can help camp by providing resources. There are 3 main steps to get the maximum number of 8 outpostsstate of decay 2. Heu6 outposts available in the base game and 2 in the DLC,bundled with the Juggernaut Edition. This is the version included with Xbox Game Pass.

Step 1 - Find the Command Center and upgrade it to level 3

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Each base has a command center. That might sound fancy, but it's basically just a room with a table and some walkie-talkies. When you clear your first base, the game will prompt players to locate that room, making it easy to see if players are still using it as a base.

To fully upgrade the command center, players will need:

  • Skill 'Computer Skills'
  • An outpost of energy
  • parts of circuits
  • materials
  • 3 survivors for the job

That sounds like a lot, but it's really not that difficult to meet most requirements. the remains ofCircuits are randomly found in tech loot. If players have accumulated even a few hoursstate of decay 2, they probably have them in their stash.Materials can be easily obtained from orange resource packs., which is found by searching in places like construction sites and warehouses. Backpacks have a brick icon and can be stowed insideState of Decay vehicleCollect more than one at a time.

IsState of Decay 2's story has been criticizedby fans for making the characters feel less personal, but at least the survivors in the sequel are easy to find. They are recruited naturally while following quests or found through exploration.

State of Decay 2: Get More Outposts (3)

Power plants appear as electrical symbols on the map, and there are at least 2 available for each card. Claiming a Force Outpost costs 2000 Influence and requires an empty Outpost slot. To liberate an outpoststate of decay 2, go to the Basic tab in the main menu and find the Advanced section on the right. Select the one you want to delete and confirm your choice.

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With the new update, players must ensure they have destroyed all nearby plague hearts or they will not be able to claim the outpost. Horror fans might beobsessed with killing zombies, ButPlague Hearts is not to be taken lightly.. Bloodplague monsters flock to these areas, and players must bring their best weapons and explosives to deal with them.

Although destroying Plague Heart is not an easy task, the most difficult step in upgrading the command center is to acquire the Computer Awareness skill, since it mainly depends on random luck.

This is how you get the Computer Literacy skill

State of Decay 2: Get More Outposts (4)

Before players look for a way to learn the skill, they should check ifI already have a survivor with 'computer skills'. To do this, open the game menu and go to the Survivors tab. Each person has a list of their skills on the right. If players have specialized in the Computer Knowledge skill, it will appear as Programming or Electronics. While players are there, they may want to look for thatcontroversial feature of "Whack the Nazis"to see if they have good fighters on their team.

If no survivors have this ability, players must find a person with the ability and recruit them, orLooking for a computer science textbookThis allows them to teach the skill to someone with an empty skill slot. The book can be found anywhere on the map when searching for containers or trading with survivors, but more likely in libraries or offices.

Be sure to check the maptime-limited traders listed as "Network Traders".in the mission description. Although they are rare, this vendor sells the Computer Science Textbook.


If players cannot find the Computer Science Textbook when searching, they canBuild a trade depot at its base, so they can call a parts dealer or network dealer who is more likely to sell it. This requires players to have a designated trading guide and a large outdoor slot available.

Finding the textbook is a little tricky, and fans are hopingstate of decay 3it will have a better open world. A clear indication of where items are located like the computer textbook would be helpful to create onenicer open world environment.

Step 2 - Find a network signal booster or signal antenna

State of Decay 2: Get More Outposts (5)

A Signal Antenna can be installed as a mod in the Command Center to get 1 additional Outpost slot.For 2 outposts, aNetwork Signal Booster can also be installed as a mod in the Command Center. The problem is that the network signal booster can be found much less often than the signal antenna.

Signal antennas can be found:

  • In tech swag
  • Bought with influence from normal traders
  • to find the onlyparts dealeror call one who builds the trade depot

Network signal booster can be found at:

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  • In Tech Loot (Very Rare)
  • Bought from normal merchants with influence (very rare)
  • find onenetwork traderon the map or by summoning one by building the Trade Depot

Only 1 mod can be installed in the Command Center at a time. So if players are lucky enough to have both signal antenna and network signal booster, they should choose the latter.

Step 3: Play the Daybreak and Heartland DLCs

State of Decay 2: Get More Outposts (6)

state of decay 2Fans have received many free perks including aUpdate for Series X|S, but players will need to purchase DLC to take advantage of the additional slots.

Daybreak is a Horde mode that leans more towards action andHorrorelemente in State of Decay 2. It can be found in the main menu and players mustgain 2750 prestigePlay through this DLC to unlock Red Talon Contractors in the main campaign.

Use the radio to call the Red Talon Contractors in the main game, then check out their skills. The contractor mustPeculiar "hacking" abilityfor players to get an additional outpost. If they don't have this ability, players can refuse to recruit them and have their standing restored.

The eighth and final Outpost slot can only be obtained by playing the Heartland DLC, which can be accessed from the main menu. Players will eventually be given a mission to help IzzBee, who can then be recruited. Thereafter,IzzBee will have to earn the reputation of the community of heroesComplete quests and destroy plague hearts. Killing monsters counts as well, thoughState of Decay hordes need buffs, they are great for getting lots of rare kills quickly.

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state of decay 2is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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