State of Decay 2: A Guide to Outposts (2023)

Claim a base of operations instate of decay 2allows you to upgrade the space and number of facilities from your old base. But claiming outposts is another matter. Outposts are scattered all over the map and have different benefits to them. These are claimed along with your home base and you can own multiple outposts at once. Once you start questing and removing plague hearts, you won't have time to search the map for valuable resources. Or maybe you do, but you can't afford to drive all the way back to your home base. Outposts can help you with both of these issues and more.

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Updated August 1, 2021 by Sharnelle Earle:Although State of Decay 2 is around three years old, Undead Labs is still working on keeping it up to date. New features were added in an update on July 21, 2021. These features make Outposts even more useful than before. Outposts can now be upgraded to increase the production of your community. This makes claiming outposts more beneficial and gives you a reason to revisit them.


There are now iconic outposts. An Iconic Outpost is a new feature where there is one specific Outpost per map that gives you several powerful perks to help your way of playing.The negative effects of Plaguehearts have been increased. Plague Hearts disables all nearby outposts until Plague Heart is destroyed. Plague Hearts will infect entire neighborhoods instead of just one house, making them dangerous to explore. This means that not only will nearby outposts become unclaimable, but the entire neighborhood will be filled with plague zombies.

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State of Decay 2: A Guide to Outposts (1)

Iconic Outposts allow players to choose one type of strategy and stick with it. If you're serious about gaming and value combat and skill over casual play, Landmark Outposts might be for you. It's like building a configuration station on your base. Once you purchase a Landmark Outpost with100 influence, you will be asked to select a "skill" or strategy.


The outpost performs actions to help you depending on the strategy you choose.. That help could be keeping survivors free of infection, keeping hordes of zombies at bay, and generating power. Each map has a dedicated featured post with different features. This makes some maps more worthwhile than others depending on how good your Landmark Outpost is.



providence crest New Hope Church

  • refugio
  • refugio
  • Hochburg

printer country Sasser State Hospital

  • emergency care
  • preventive care
  • hygienic care

Mager's Tale windmills

  • Spend influence for power
  • spend work for power
  • Spend pieces for power

cascading hills Leeds Betonsilo

  • spend influence
  • spend work
  • cast parts
  • He The Providence Ridge Landmark outpost focuses on providing space for survivors. You can provide more shelter or create a rest outpost, both of which will serve your communitymoral extra. The last option, Stronghold, moves away from that idea and focuses on reducing the zombie threat.
  • Drucker County Outpost Offeringsmore medicationfor the community and increases the severity of injuries, maximum health or resistance to infection of all survivors.
  • Meagher Valley landmark post will take care of thatpower of the entire baseand lower influence cost than claiming a regular force outpost. To keep the outpost running, you can choose which resource you want to spend, influence, people, or parts. Power will give your community a moral boost.
  • The Cascade Hill Landmark Outpost functions as a larger version of the Staging Area Facility Station. This means that he will make everything yours.basic building speed upand put it at your disposalmaterials. You can choose which resources to spend to keep the outpost running.
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How to claim a state of decay 2 outpost

State of Decay 2: A Guide to Outposts (2)

With the information that appears when you hover over various icons on your map, you can seewhich buildings provide loot and which locations are possible outposts.Each outpost you find lists whether or not it is safe, as well as its possible basic benefits. A secure outpost means that there are no zombies in the area. To claim one, you must firstkill all the zombieson it and get close to it. The next step isfind the red lanternthat allows youPurchase the Outpost with InfluencePoints. By interacting with the lantern, the outpost menu will tell you how much influence you need, how much you have, and what benefits the outpost gives you.RELATED:

gather more influence

Influence is earned in many different ways.

  • Killing small elites like Screamers and Bloaters grants you five Influence.
  • kill hordesgives you ten influences.
  • Ferals and Juggernauts offer 25 and 50 influence respectively.
  • Completing certain Enclave side quests will grant you 100 or more Influence.
  • Clearing infestations marked on the map grants 20.
  • Destroying plague hearts grants you 150 influence.
  • Bringing resource backpacks home gives you five.

The benefits of claiming outposts in the state of Decay 2

State of Decay 2: A Guide to Outposts (3)

Different outposts give you different things. Some will offer the production of goods such as coffee for tiredness and water supply. The water supply plants will send water to your entire base and will increase the morale of your community. Outposts that produce things like water or fuel will take away some resources each day to maintain production, so you'll have to decide if it's worth it for your community.Some benefits include:

  • daily medication
  • daily materials
  • daily fuel
  • daily ammo
  • performance
  • camas
  • water supply

RELATED:Every State Of Decay 2 Map, RankedThe wiser option is to claim outposts for any problem areas.If you have constant drug shortages, find a vacant outpost that supplies something. If you don't have enough beds for your community, you can find an outpost that says it provides beds.You can remove outposts at any time.either by going to the facility and interacting with the red lantern or by going into your community menu. Find your community menu by opening your map and checking the tabs above. On the right side of your screen are all the outposts you own. From here you can take out outposts without being near them.Outposts are an important part of keeping your community morale high and providing your base with vital stay alive and fight. If your community is down, they will start fighting and wasting resources. Getting auto supplies from outposts will help you kill enemies andStay strong and stock up on ammo.

How to claim more than two outposts in State Of Decay 2

State of Decay 2: A Guide to Outposts (4)

If this is your first time creating your own community, you can onlyClaim up to two outposts.That adds up to very little very quickly. The answer to getting more outposts isUpdate your Command Center.At your base of operations, you can upgrade various facilities to allow you to craft more items and increase production. You can also do this with the Command Center. The last option when interacting with your command center allows you to upgrade to level two for some materials and the help of two survivors. HeThe second update allows you to claim another outpost and make set up Mods can be found in loot and have several beneficial effects when equipped on a facility in your base. You can find paddle mods, water cooler mods, and more.

  • Pallet and storage unit mods increase the amount of resources you can store at one time.
  • A water dispenser provides survivors with water and boosts morale.
  • A generator mod provides power to the room you apply it to.
  • Asignal antennamod allows oneadditional outpostcomplain.
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Each mod only affects the facility you equip with it. It will not work for the entire base.The third update allows for another outpost and the use of drones.. For the upgrade, you need ten circuit fragments, power, and computer skills along with workers and materials. You can bring power to your command center by equipping aGenerator-Modtowards or throughClaim an outpost of power. Computer knowledge is a skill book. People who don't have skill slots can't learn from another skill book. Because of this, you may need to find and recruit a new survivor who can learn it for you. Only the person who has learned the Computer Knowledge skill can upgrade the Command Center.

How to Find Facility Mods and Skill Books

If you open up your map and hover over different buildings, you'll learn what potential resources can be looted from them. An icon that looks like a hammer on a gear means there are facility upgrades or a skill book. Search buildings with this symbol to find potential resources, and loot to find mods and books.You can also buy mods and books from merchants and settlements. Next:The Most Dangerous Types of Video Game Zombies, Ranked


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