How to use Telegram without a phone number (2023)

How to use Telegram without a phone number (1)

Although Telegram is widely known for its privacy features, there was a glaring security flaw in the app: you had to provide your phone number in order to verify your account and use the service. You can't just give them a fake number either, as that number requires you to get a verification code.

Although Telegram doesn't use your number for anything after signing up, providing your phone number can be a hurdle for privacy-conscious users. Fortunately, you can bypass this requirement. In this article, we will guide you through the process of using Telegram without a phone number.

Can you use Telegram without a phone number?


  • Unfortunately, you cannot create a Telegram account without providing a phone number. This allows Telegram to prevent bots and automatic account creation.

    After providing your phone number to the app, you can receive a voice call or text message with a verification code to verify your Telegram account.

    How to use Telegram without a phone number (2)

    Once you have successfully verified your account, Telegram will no longer ask or ask you for accessyourphone number.

    Luckily, there are a few ways to make a phone number valid for a minute or two, or even longer. Telegram only requires a phone number during the registration process. And it doesn't require you to use your own number.

    How to get a temporary number for Telegram

    Many services offer a burner or temporary number that you can use to log into Telegram. Check out some options below.

    1. Fragment

    Sectionis a blockchain platform that allows you to buy and sell anonymous phone numbers with Toncoin. You need to download the Tonkeeper app on your device and set up a TON wallet. Wiring the Tonkeeper application using fragmentscompound tonsClick the button and scan the QR code on your phone.

    Go towards the fragmentNumberSection Buy anonymous phone numbers instantly or place a bid on any number that is up for auction. You can check the value of the numbers in TON with the corresponding dollar value.How to use Telegram without a phone number (3)

    After getting Fragment's anonymous phone number, go to Telegram and clickNation, then selectanonymous Numberoptions. Authenticate your Telegram account with your Fragment phone number.

    2. Google Voice

    Google Voiceis a web-based phone service from Google that provides users with a new phone number to make voice calls and send messages.

    The only downside to using a Google Voice number is that it is tied to your Google account. That's fine if your main concern is simply preventing Telegram from knowing your phone number. However, if you are looking for complete privacy, this may not be the option for you.

    Assuming Google Voice meets your security needs, here's how to set up a Telegram account on Google Voice.

    1. If necessary, create a new Google account.
    2. NavigationGoogle Voiceand register or dial a phone number.
    3. You will be prompted to enter your phone number. Enter your number to complete the process.
      How to use Telegram without a phone number (4) How to use Telegram without a phone number (5) How to use Telegram without a phone number (6)
    4. Register the number with Telegram and wait for a verification code to be sent.
    5. Get the code from your Google Voice window and enter it into Telegram.
    6. Confirm your account and start using it.

    You can create oneGoogle account without phone numberAlso. Although email services require it, there are workarounds to get around it.

    3. The current text

    text nowis another messaging service that allows you to do thisSign up with a temporary email addressservice for something. It allows you to receive a phone number to receive verification codes instead of your contact number.

    How to use Telegram without a phone number (7)

    After installing and setting up the app on your smartphone, you can log into Telegram using the phone number provided by TextNow. There are two ways to get a verification code: SMS or call. TextNow also offers paid alias phone numbers. This number is yours as long as you sign up.

    4. Brenner

    Brenneris a useful call forwarding app that provides you with a recovery phone number. Burner allows you to redirect calls from an alias phone number to your personal phone number. When someone calls you, they only see the Alias ​​Burner number.

    How to use Telegram without a phone number (8)

    The best thing about Burner is that you can try it free for a week. You can use the free trial to set up your Telegram account. Even after the free trial expires, Burner will not share your actual contact number with anyone.

    If you want to keep using your alias phone number, you can also subscribe to Burner's yearly/monthly plan. However, if you don't want to subscribe to Burner after signing up for a Telegram account, you should cancel the trial to avoid subscription fees. Cancellation will not affect your Telegram account.

    5. Cover me

    cover meNot just an app that provides alias phone numbers. You can use a virtual number to verify your Telegram account without worrying about your real phone number.

    It also offers security features like call and text encryption, self-destructing texts, and a private vault for storing photos, videos, passwords, and cloud-backed documents. You can also add your friends to the CoverMe circle feature to send broadcast messages or start group chats.How to use Telegram without a phone number (9)

    The only catch is that call encryption and text messaging require both parties to use CoverMe. In addition, calls made and received with CoverMe will not appear on your phone bill. When other people call you, they only see the alias number.

    Line 6.2

    line 2Offers the benefit of having a cloud phone number in addition to your regular phone number and uses the cloud phone number to receive verification codes for your Telegram account.

    It offers business and personal options, including a cloud phone number in the US or Canada, unlimited text and voice minutes, and the ability to use the number on mobile and desktop computers.How to use Telegram without a phone number (10)

    While it doesn't offer security options like CoverMe, Line2 offers additional features like call blocking, call forwarding, voicemail recording, caller ID, and more.


    FreePhoneNum.comis a free to use website that gives you access to a list of temporary phone numbers. You simply select a phone number from this list and use it to get a Telegram confirmation text.

    How to use Telegram without a phone number (11)

    If your verification code doesn't appear on the website, simply refresh the page and it should appear on the page. Note that anyone can see your code by clicking the same number. We recommend that you do not use these numbers for any personal purpose other than obtaining verification codes.

    In our tests, the alias number sometimes didn't work. You may have to try several numbers before Telegram accepts one.

    8. Receive SMS

    receive SMSis another free website like that can provide you with a temporary phone number. You have the option to select a number from UK, US and Canada as well as other countries.

    How to use Telegram without a phone number (12)

    There is no limit to how many times you can use any number. You can use them however you like. Once you have selected a number listed on the website, you can view all text messages sent to that number by clicking on the "Read Text Messages" button.

    Note that if everyone dials the same number, everyone can see these messages. In our testing, we encountered the same problem as when receiving text messages on not all numbers always work. Finding a working number can take trial and error.

    More privacy tips

    In fact, your phone number isn't the only thing that ties you to your Telegram account. Another potential weakness of anonymity is that your device's unique MAC address is stored in at least some places in the network backbone.

    In theory, a well-motivated government or law enforcement agency would have the resources to thwart any attempts you might make to remain anonymous. In fact, there are programs that can do thatChange the MAC address of your phone or PC.

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Finally, you should enable two-factor authentication for your Telegram account after creating an account with your burner number.

    Without this extra security measure, someone with a fake number could log into your Telegram account, access your conversations, or even delete your account. Of course, this means you may need to keep that number active in order to log into your account.

    Be sure to delete your account

    As one of our commenters pointed out, when you use a disposable phone number, it ends up being recycled into a pool of suitable numbers for other people to use. Assuming they also use Telegram, they might still be able to access your messages and accounts long after you've left.

    If you decide you no longer want to use that particular Telegram account, be sure to delete it completely. That way, the next person with that number can start over with their own Telegram account without having access to your account.

    common problem

    Can I log into Telegram with someone else's phone number?

    Of course you can. Note that they may not be able to create a Telegram account and may have trouble logging in with 2FA enabled.

    Can I log into Telegram with a landline?

    Telegram requires users to authenticate themselves via text. This works if you have the phone verification option. Otherwise you need a phone.

    Can I make international calls with Telegram?

    Yes, you can use Telegram to make free international VoIP calls. However, this only works if the other person you are calling is also on Telegram. You can use this feature on WiFi to avoid data charges when traveling abroad.

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