How to edit your business profile on Google (2023)

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Whether you're new to your business profile on Google, or you've had it for a while and want to improve it, it's quick and easy to update your information. Learn how to change your listing and improve your online presence.

1.adjust business hours

2.Write your description attributes

4.add a photo

5.Handling User Comments

6.share post

It's not possible to remove a comment just because it's negative or you don't agree with it. Instead, Business Profiles on Google give businesses the opportunity to respond publicly to reviews, allowing potential customers to see both sides of the story.

1. Adjust business hours

To change your opening times, log in to your Google Places profile, select About from the menu, and then select Opening Hours. Use the drop-down arrows to set the "Open Hour" and "Close Hour" times for each day. For example, if you have a lunch break, you can create two entries on the same day to suspend business hours.

After you add normal hours, you can schedule "extra hours" to show hours for holidays or special events. Sign in to Google in your business profile and click on "Special Opening Hours". Select a holiday from the list or enter your own using "Add new date". Click Close or select a new opening time and click Apply. If it's a public holiday and you don't select "special opening hours," Google will automatically warn users that your opening hours may differ from those shown.

They may also offer special occasion deals that stay open late, such as a toy store on Christmas Eve. Updating your hours of operation will keep potential customers informed and help them avoid traveling while your business is closed.

Knowledge panel:

When users search for a business on Google, they may see information about the business in a box to the right of the search results. The information in the box is called a knowledge panel and can help customers discover and connect with your business.

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2. Write your description

To add your business description or update an existing business description, log into your Google Places profile, select Posts and click the pencil icon next to Add Business Description.

Put the most important information first and don't waste characters with information already in the list, e.g. B. your address or website. Focus on interesting details about your business that are really informative and help you stand out from the competition, like “Family business” for a restaurant or “25 state-of-the-art treadmills” for a gym.

Your business description brings your business to life, provides users with more detail, and helps attract them. Double-check spelling and grammar before posting, avoiding slang to ensure descriptions are understandable, and avoid excessive publicity. Make your company sound as attractive as possible, but avoid “Super Sale!” statements like thisViolates Google's guidelines for merchant descriptions

3. Choose Properties

Real estate offers the opportunity to present the most important characteristics of your company. To add or edit attributes, log into your Google Places profile, choose About from the menu and click the pencil next to Attributes. Scroll through the options for your business and select "Apply".

Business profiles on Google automatically suggest the best properties for your business. A coffee shop might select "free Wi-Fi" and "outdoor seating," while a grocery store might mention "free delivery." Check the accessibility attributes to see if you can click Yes on the criteria for wheelchair-accessible entrances, restrooms, seating, parking, and elevators to add those attributes to your listing as well.

4. Add photos

Your listing will include a logo, photos, and videos. To upload photos and videos, log into your Google Places profile, select Photos and the type of photo or video you want, then click Choose Photo and upload. Choose from a range of company-specific photos to showcase everything your company does, from its exterior to its products, then set your favorite cover photo.

accordinglyThink with Google ResearchPhotos can make all the difference in a potential customer's decision to visit your business. So make sure they are the best. A high-quality photo should be between 10 KB and 5 MB and have a resolution of 720 x 720 pixels. Videos should also be 720 pixels or higher, 100 MB or less, and 30 seconds or less. Images and videos should be sharp and well lit. Your visual impact will be most effective when it's a truthful and accurate representation of what potential customers will see when they visit you.

If you fill in the core information (phone number, working hours, etc.), you can also display your logo in the upper right corner of your profile. This provides your business with more branding opportunities, instantly presenting your official logo and branding to your users.

5. Processing of User Comments

From time to time, someone may leave a comment that violates Google's policies because it's offensive, off-topic, or even illegal. Businesses cannot remove comments themselves. So if you find a comment that breaks the rules, you need to report it to Google. Sign in to your Google Business Profile and access "Reviews" from the menu. Locate the inappropriate review, then click the three-dot menu and select Report as inappropriate.

It's not possible to remove a comment just because it's negative or you don't agree. Instead, Business Profiles on Google give businesses the opportunity to respond publicly to reviews, allowing potential customers to see both sides of the story. This gives you the opportunity, for example, to apologize and reassure others that this was a one-off situation, or to invite a dissatisfied customer to contact us to discuss the issue further. As Think With Google says, some negative reviews aren't always badStudy shows consumers trust honest reviews

6. Share the post

Posts provide a way for businesses like yours to share content with their audience. Posts allow you to let customers know:

  • Events such as seasonal brunch or in-store events
  • Special offers such as promotions and discounts
  • Product/stock updates, e.g. B. New arrivals
  • Announcement of late business hours or new store location

To write a post, log in to your business profile on Google and click "Create Post" in the menu. On the next screen, select a post type, e.g. B. Offer or Event, and click the boxes to add photos, videos, text, and buttons. Select "Preview" to view your post, "Previous" to make changes, or "Publish" when you're ready to share it on your profile.

You can write up to 1,500 characters per post, but shorter characters (between 150 and 300 characters) tend to be more effective. While you don't have to provide information like your company name, don't forget important details like your company name. B. the duration of the event. Posts can appear on your business profile for 7 days. After that, they only appear on the mobile device in the "Posts" tab of the list.

Getting the most out of your profile is easy. Think about your ideal customer with every edit, and you'll see the benefits in no time.

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