Every State Of Decay 2 map, ranked (2023)

Laboratory of the Living Dead state of decay 2 Mainly following the same formula as its predecessor, offering an open worldsurvival gamewith a strong focus on resource disposal and management. While there are a few missions to play through, the story takes a backseat to exploring, building bases, and creating a safe haven to fend off the wandering zombies. This makes State of Decay 2 cards very important.

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assume the playerRandomly generated characters with their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses; Indeed, while zombies are not to be scoffed at, nurturing a sustainable community of survivors is often the game's biggest challenge. For the most part, the sequel plays like a slightly more polished version of 2013's State of Decay, but the choice is yours.several cardsinstead of just one. Including the tutorial and DLC packs, State of Decay 2has six separate maps waiting to be traversed. Each area has its pros and cons, but which one is the best?

Updated July 20, 2021 by Sharnelle Earle:June 2021 featured an Undead Labs content update that included new Blood Plague functionality and new Outposts. Blood plague is now more threatening, as any building with a plague heart corrupts the entire neighborhood it's in, not just the building. This means more blood plague zombies in large communities. This also means that any Outposts near a Plague Heart cannot be claimed until the Plague Heart is eliminated. New types of Outposts known as Landmark Outposts have also been added. These are special outposts that only exist once per map. They are designed to provide special benefits and strategies for your game.


6 osprey camp

Every State Of Decay 2 map, ranked (1)

Unlike the other State of Decay 2 maps, Camp Osprey is visited on every playthrough as it is the game's map.designated learning area. Consequently, this map is designed to teach players the basic mechanics and familiarize them with the enemies and systems that will dominate the rest of their time in the campaign. As this is a tutorial area, it does not contain any of the new Landmark outposts.

Camp Osprey is a decent level that serves its purpose and has a great vibe due to the location in the sun and the makeshift buildings in the area. Camp Osprey gives players their first taste of Blood Plague andZombies like the screamer, so this area produces some memorable moments. However, Camp Osprey lacks any sense of exploration and is largely inconsequential, which is a big part of the State of Decay experience.


5 Trumbull-Tal

Every State Of Decay 2 map, ranked (2)

State of Decay 2Heartland DLC revisits Trumbull Valley from the original 2013 game. It sometimes feels like Undead Labs puts quantity over quality into the sequel. State of Decay 2's four complete maps are generalall decent sandboxes, but they lack the Trumbull Valley personality of the original game. This is also due in part to the sequel downplaying the presence of a narrative to encourage a less structured campaign.Emphasis on indefinitely.

Trumbull Valley is a DLC map and does not contain a Landmark Outpost, but the map is full of Bloodplague Zombies. Therefore, it is important to understand how the plague works in a new way.Plague hearts put entire communities in danger. They can no longer claim nearby outposts and the area will be flooded with more plague zombies than normal. This makes it harder to loot and claim outposts, as in a normal game, half the map will be flooded with plague hearts.

This card offers moreFocused storyline with two sets of predetermined groupsby survivors. While the map isn't quite as satisfying as the original version, Trumbull Valley is still interesting terrain to explore. However, it also feels completely separate from the base game, offering a scaled-down sandbox adventure while not allowing any of the survivors to be moved to the other maps.

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4 summit of providence

Every State Of Decay 2 map, ranked (3)

Introduced inJuggernaut-2020 Edition, Providence Ridge is thestandard mapfor this version and impresses quite a bit, for better or for worse. Visually, Providence Ridge stands out from the rest of the maps with its Pacific Northwest aesthetic, relying on green over arid terrain and sparse cityscapes. This toohas one of the best foundationsof all available in State of Decay 2, as the Prescott Fire Station is a delight.

OPrescott Fire Station is a great base. Offers:

  • scout tower
  • pantry
  • fire department
  • bad seasons
  • store
  • firefighter bunks
  • firemen's kitchen
  • 2 camas
  • 2 small outdoor lots
  • 2 large outdoor lots
  • 4 parking spaces

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Cordilleras da ProvidenciaThe distinctive outpost is called New Hope Church.Offers:

  • 4 camas
  • boosts morale
  • Zombie threat control actions

With the exception of the Fire Station and Landmark Outpost, Providence Ridge lacks any other notable structures or landmarks. It can be tiring to traverse, which isn't helped by how unnecessarily wide it sometimes feels.

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3 Drucker County

Every State Of Decay 2 map, ranked (4)

Known as Plateau, Drucker County might be more likeFrustrating at first due to its massive size. Initially, players will have to spend a lot of time driving while following the main roads, which isn't easy given State of Decay 2's lackluster driving mechanics.

Drucker CountyLandmark is Sasser State Hospital. Offers:

  • +10-25 max health
  • -10-30 percent injury severity
  • +20-40 Disease Resistance
  • +2 medicine

Traversing the map to find survivors is tedious and rarely fun, but Drucker County improves as you become more familiar with its shortcuts. It also has some excellent, well-placed bases, notably the sizable Barricaded Strip Mall and the visually appealing Knights Family Drive-In.

2 cascading hills

Every State Of Decay 2 map, ranked (5)
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Cascade Hills has a lot going for it, but it also suffers from some significant weaknesses. it's aestheticone of the most prominent lettersIn the game, choose to build clusters and lots of free space. While Cascade Hills doesn't hide the fact that this is an entirely post-apocalyptic area, it still manages to be sporadically beautiful. Of the three original State of Decay 2 maps,Cascade Hills has perhaps the best base selection, with the container fortress being one of the largest in the game. Justineau House is also a really good base as you have six beds right off the bat.

OContainer Fort is bigBase that provides:

  • fireproof storage
  • Office
  • 5 small outdoor slots
  • 2 large ao ar book slots
  • 3 parking spaces

these cardsA prominent outpost is Leeds Concrete Silo. Offers:

  • +50-75% build speed
  • Requires maintenance with every feature

The main flaw of Cascade Hills is that while some of the bases are good, they tend to have unwanted placements on the map. Container Fort would be perfect if it weren't so remote that choosing it as your main base adds a lot of travel time to scavenge resources and loot on a map that doesn't support cars.

1 Mager's Count

Every State Of Decay 2 map, ranked (6)

Meagher Valley is thewhat is the closest thing to a perfect mapin State of Decay 2. It's not as unnecessarily large as Drucker County and also has an overabundance of buildings that makes looting easier than Cascade Hills. Out of all the maps, Meagher Valley is the densest, and that goes for zombies as well. The map's difficulty comes from the hordes of the undead, not the location of resources or frustrating mechanics like driving.

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Landmark's outpost is called Wind Farm. Offers:

  • Moralschub
  • Performance
  • need care

Meagher Valley is the best State of Decay 2 map for beginners as it offers varied environments, lots of combat scenarios, and a decent selection of bases.



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