Customer Warning: Acceptance and Enforcement of Effective Choice of Jurisdiction Clauses in the Articles and Bylaws (2023)


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Choosing venue clauses in the company's articles of incorporation or bylaws is a useful way for companies to reduce litigation avoidance and increase freedom by requiring derivative actions and other claims related to corporate governance to be brought in a single forum to be negotiated at the company's option creates predictability. However, recent court decisions have clarified these provisions which, while normally falling within the purview of the Commission, have been carefully worded to maximize the likelihood that the courts will enforce them.

This paper suggests considering that board election terms include a charter that adopts normal procedure rather than anticipating contentious board actions that could foreseeably lead to litigation. An effective, enforceable forum clause should specify that it applies only to disputes arising out of corporate governance and internal matters that are subject to the company's suspending powers. For corporations incorporated in Delaware, the articles of incorporation should designate the Delaware Court of Chancery as the court of first instance, and the aforementioned United States District Courts lack jurisdiction over the state courts where Delaware resides. The Articles also proposed the inclusion of an adenine waiver that would give the Board the flexibility to waive the application of a jurisdiction determination in cases where its application would be inappropriate. As expected, the Delaware Legislature approved an amendment to the Delaware General Corporation Law (DGCL) that would (i) authorize a seminar option provision in the Delaware articles of incorporation or bylaws designating Delaware as the exclusive forum for litigation involving internal corporate claims, (ii) Prohibiting the designation of only non-Delaware courts in an exclusive forum for [...]

Regarding enforceability, this topic recommends including wording in the jurisdiction clause to maximize a company's ability to sue through an anti-suit injunction in Delaware, rather than seeking a motion to dismiss in an international forum. In particular, corporations should include language whereby stockholders consent to personal jurisdiction at preferential meetings and service on their attorneys in any foreign litigation brought in violation of the incorporation forum clause. Ninth annual Wiring Force Forum picks anti-union securities


Exclusive venue clauses contained in the Articles and By-Laws require certain classes of class actions to be heard in specially designated courts. The growing trend for companies to adopt such clauses can be traced back to a 2010 Opinion by the Delaware Court of Chancery,Revlon, Inc. Shareholder Disputes, in which Vice-Chancellor Litter suggested, indicta, "[i]if the board or shareholders believe that a particular forum would provide an effective and valuable venue for facilitating the resolution of disputes, then the company is at liberty to do so reply to the statute by dialing into an exclusive forum for internal disputes." [1]

along withRevlon, Many physicians have concluded that a charter or bylaw clause providing for an exclusive forum would be enforceable under Delaware law. A selection by the US District Court for the Northern District of California in January 2012 sided with critics who argued that the choice of appropriate forum was not a matter of internal governance but a real one and therefore outside the oversight authority of the board of directors . entryGalavizFin.Berge, [2] The court refused to dismiss the shareholder derivatives outfit against the orphan corporation, invoking its exclusive forum statute, which required an action in Chancery Court. The district court dismissed Oracle's attempt to draw an analogy between the charter and the obligation, arguing that Ampere's board of directors' unilateral acceptance of the charter "was on a different basis" because "there was simply no element of the mutual." consent to the choice of forum. " [3] fromGalavizThe court did not rule on the fundamental issue of Delaware law, instead basing its decision on common federal law. The Delaware Chancery Court hopes to be there for more than a year.

On June 25, 2013, then ChancellorStrineboiler workers Room 154 Pension fundfive.Chevron-Kern., he declined to accept the challenge until those provisions are prima facie in force, and supported a choice of forum charter for two major public bodies. [4] The court expressly contradicted thisGalaviz, noting that the court's conclusion "was based on a misunderstanding of the contractual framework established by DGCL for Delaware Corporation and its shareholders". [5]

out ofSpruceThe Delaware Housing Authority has consistently upheld such provisions, and courts in five other states have followed Delaware's example by maintaining the scope of the court choice provisions. Not surprisingly, the number of companies adopting choice of court clauses is significant. between three yearsRevlonAndSpruce, about 250 public companies have adopted forum option terms. [6] This trend is now accelerating: in the first six months alone, around half of the seminar selection regulations were accepted by many. [7] And with good reason. Effective choice of forum provisions allow corporations to refer disputes to their preferred conference, usually the Delaware Chancery Court, thereby allowing corporations incorporated in Delaware to have their corporate disputes resolved in the court most familiar with applicable law is familiar. Alternatively, by requiring cases to be heard in one court, court-exclusive clauses can effectively combat the increasingly common scenario in which companies are forced to defend the same allegations in multiple court cases filed in multiple courts. [8] Such a multi-court trial is inherently wasteful, as the defendants not only risk conflicting outcomes, but also have to sit trial in remote and inhospitable courtrooms before judges with little or no experience on the relevant issues.

While the prima facie validity of the jurisdiction clause has now been largely clarified with the constitutional and statutory provisions,SpruceLays the foundation for future "applied" challenges. Although then-Chancellor of the Exchequer Sterling declined to comment on the British Government's hypothetical and confusing factual modelSpruceForum election terms may not be available to Plaintiff, who expressly states that these scenarios are real and not hypothetical. underSpruceand his descendants, plaintiffs could argue that the Choice of Court Clause “should not be respected because its application was improper” or “should not be enforced because the Articles of Association were used for an improper purpose inconsistent with the fiduciary duties of the directors was." Challenge . [9] In addition, choice of forum clauses in the articles of incorporation and bylaws, despite their supposed force, are not self-enforcing, and corporations must expect efforts by plaintiffs to ultimately enforce such clauses.

The Registrar of the Delaware Courts made important decisions regarding avoidance and enforceability in September 2014 and November 2013, respectively. [10] These also provide useful roadmaps for drafting effective jurisdiction clauses. From the development constraints of the case, these scans distill strategies that can be used to minimize litigation for companies seeking a challenge and maximize the likelihood of cost-effective enforcement. A well-constructed forum selection clause should avoid many potentially costly problems.

designed and adopted

adoption process

A company that first accepts the contract selected by the forum must decide whether to amend the articles of association or accept the articles of association - either prima facie. While shareholder approval is required to amend the Articles of Association, the Articles of Association can be amended by unilateral action by the Board of Directors. [11] Of the 122 companies that accepted 30 optional terms of the Forum between June 1, 2014 and Novelties, 104 did so through a unilateral constitutional amendment. [12] There are good reasons why most companies choose the charter route. In Delaware Chancery Court...

The question originally raised was whether constitutional clauses are upheld rather than constitutional provisionsRevlon, as Vise Chancellor Laster commented if the "board"and shareholdersA dedicated forum is believed to provide an effective and value-added venue for dispute resolution. "[13]aSpruceIn any event, then Prime Minister Stirling stated that shareholder appreciation rested largely on the use of either method. One rationale for his findings, however, is that the effective model for ensuring unilateral adoption is that if shareholders are unlucky with regulatory changes, they can vote to overturn them. [14] fromSpruceIn particular, plaintiffs argued that a unilateral acceptance by the board of directors of an amendment to the articles of incorporation should be void, rather than an acceptance of an amendment to the articles of association requiring shareholder approval. Strine, then Chancellor of the Exchequer, dismissed this argument, which "[d]ignored that it would be more difficult for shareholders to revoke the availability of certificates" because the Articles of Incorporation amended both "aBoard resolution plus shareholder vote’, according to which ‘In the event of the adoption of the opinion adopted by the Board of Directors on the selection of the Articles of Association, the shareholders may act unilaterally to amend or repeal this provision. "[15]

Post-SpruceThe decision confirmed then-Prime Minister Sterling's conclusion that there was nothing improper for the Board to adopt changes to the Forum's selection charter. This closure was also achieved in the cases where the plaintiffs prevailed. [16] Given the cost of adopting by articles of incorporation (and the risk that shareholders may object to optional provisions of the board), corporations should therefore collectively seek adoption by articles of incorporation. [17]

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A reasonable board of directors must always document the reasons for the board's decision to adopt a forum opt-in clause in the minutes of board meetings and in a resolution explaining how the clause serves the best interests of the company and its shareholders. If it can be shown that the clause has been adopted by independent, non-conflicting directors who have weighed relevant considerations and understood the benefits of a similar delivery to the company, then a decision to enforce it under the Corporate Judgment Rule is more likely to be made. Including this, the courts appear willing to recognize full adoption in order to reduce costly litigation in multiple courts. For example inNordenfive.McNamara, Southern District Judge Barrett on Ohio agreed with then-Prime Minister Strine that a corporation had acted prudently by making a choice of law "with the aim of bringing litigation - particularly that brought to the advantage of a corporation - in a single forum." to reduce costs and avoid duplication of efforts to consolidate, "noting that such consolidation is not only in the interest of the company, but also in the interest of shareholders to resolve problems effectively and consistently. "[18]

Types of Claims Eligible for Forum Choice Terms

For corporations incorporated in Delaware, 8 Del. C. Section 109(b) Recognition Clause contains “rules relevant to directors in relation to business and the public, the conduct of their business, their rights or powers or those of their own shareholders”. , officers or employees. “This legislation” has long been understood as allowing companies to create self-imposed rules and regulations [these] are seen as tools to facilitate their operations. [19] On June 25, 2013, the Delaware Chancery Court upheld the prima facie validity of the class bylaws adopted by Chevron's board of directors

The reason for insisting on the inclusion of a court selection clause in the charter of the charter press is intrinsically linked to the basic concept that the board requires that some action be taken to control litigation relating to the internal affairs of the company, including the Ask if litigation should take place Reference to courts experienced in the relevant laws, matters and A forum for any meaningful association with the company. Forum election constitution questionsSpruceValid as a matter of law because you "provide where shareholders can exercise their rights to assert specific internal matters" by referring them "to the courts of incorporated states responsible for the resolution of internal matters by the [Delaware] authority." Provide opportunities for a case to be brought before the Supreme Court.”[20] The effectiveness of the Articles also depends on the corporate nature of the litigation covered, since under Delaware law “[s] Shareholders Note, not under 8 Del. C. § These corporations governed by the Articles of Incorporation . 109(b), the Mayor of Carme alone adopted the articles of incorporation to address these issues," which "is the sort of change that the general articles of incorporation and stock purchase treaty regime expressly permit the board to make itself."[21]

On the other hand, endeavors to regulate the jurisdiction clauses under which shareholders can assert claimsirrelevantTheoretically, after 8 Del. C. Section 109(b) denies the authority of the Board of Directors in relation to the internal affairs of the Company, thereby exceeding the scope of the tacit approval of shareholders. then Prime Minister Strine inSpruceThus, if the board of directors adopts articles of incorporation binding the shareholder, the board would have oversight over the external affairs of a shareholder who "attempts to sue the company for personal injury sustained on company premises or for any Claim under an adenine contract a business contract of the company. injury claim. Section 109(b) because it “does not address the rights and powers of the plaintiff shareholdersas a shareholder” [22]

Thus, when the jurisdiction clauses contain a category of requirements related to approved categories of internal governance, they can be prone to litigationSpruce.Consequently, corporations adopting similar provisions must cite the quaternary categories approved under ChancellorStrine, Chevron's then-current Articles of Association, as defined in the following:

(i) any derivative solicitation or claim brought on behalf of the Company, (ii) any claim alleging that a director, officer or other employee of the Company is in breach of Ampere's fiduciary duties until the Company becomes a shareholder of the Company To the contrary, Company will, (iii) any asserted claim arising out of any provision of Delaware General Corporation Law, or (iv) any claim otherwise stated which alleges that the claims are governed by its internal affairs policy. . . . [23]

While most companies tend to draw almost verbatim from Chevron legislation, there are some changes in the classification breakdown. [24] Such models will continue to be chosen as long as the firm does not pursue the types of corporate litigation that go beyond what the forum choice clause allows.

which forum? : Principal place of business and company registration status

SpruceDetermines that the Board of Directors will generally use sound business judgment in determining the process of the state of incorporation as the sole forum for litigation relating to internal Company matters. A recent decision by a Delaware court led Chancery to introduce a valid termination clause in the courts of the state in which the company's principal place of business is located. existfirst citizenChancellor Bouchard endorsed the charter of the Delaware Corporation, which designates North Carolina as its principal place of business because it is the sole forum for corporate litigation. Secretary Bouchard argued that Near Carolina's designation was justified because most of the company's offices are located there, its directors have personal jurisdiction there, and the North Carolina courts have full appeals. [25]

For an organization with much of its operations in a single geographic area, it may become logical to designate a location in the country of its principal place of business, as competency issues may be beneficial in the law's limitation of witnesses and potentially relevant documents to the location where they appear can, located. Where can it be seen that the board has established such a forum based on their understanding of the relative benefits to the company of choosing this forum,first citizenIndicates that the court will consider this a reasonable exercise of commercial judgement. However, based on the Delaware judiciary's experience with corporate conduct issues and the depth of case law described above, which provides greater predictability, corporations incorporated in Delaware should generally designate the Deway State courts first.

Boards of directors may now be inclined to designate more than one forum, leaving the possibility of litigation in cases of corporate failure or prime business locations. We think boards should resist this incentive, both because it is the plaintiffs who choose venue and because it could (and likely will in an M&A context) lead to litigation.bothAlso forums. frombeveledDefendants point out that the fact that corporations (and their directors and officers) are often subject to personal jurisdiction in the state in which they are incorporated and in the state in which the group is headquartered is precisely the costly and expensive wasteful multi-forum conducts litigation. [26] Thus, opening the possibility for two forums would defeat the purpose of first adopting the choice of forum clause.

Federal Law Claims

Boards of directors must be aware that corporations may be subject to numerous claims under federal law, many of which simply cannot be resolved in state courts. As a matter of fact,SprucePlaintiffs have challenged the choice of court clause on the grounds that it may result in no court having jurisdiction over the dispute. Then-Prime Minister Sterling dismissed the hypothetical challenge and struck out:among other, "Cases of the type dominated by claims governed by the jurisdiction clause are more likely to be decided in federal courts than in federal courts." [27] In each case, Chevron's charter was amended to allow adjuvant purines to be filed can the government court of the state in which the company has its registered office.

Companies adopting forum opt-in clauses should be aware of this alternative common forum solution to resolve issues caused bySpruceComplaint. Properly drafted articles of association eliminate potential application challenges due to lack of subject matter jurisdiction. As a statute, insufficiently specific language should be used to challenge federal communitiesonlyIn the absence of jurisdiction of state courts. Therefore, we propose that exclusive venue be the "Delaware Chancery Court (or, if the Chancery Court does not have jurisdiction, the Federal County Courts in the area of ​​​​Delaware)". [28] We recommend designating an exclusive venue when "a default or state court is located in the state of Delaware,"[29] because such states allow plaintiffs to sue in federal courts (provided that claims can be properly heard there).

exception clause

All boards should seriously consider including waivers such as: B. Those in Chevron's Articles of Incorporation that allow boards of directors to consent to lawsuits in other jurisdictions. Commentators have referred to a recall as a "trustee"[30] allowing the board to act in a foreign forum if the board agrees out of prudence or due to the commitment of its trustee. As expected, the Delaware Legislature has approved amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Law (DGCL) that (i) require the licensing forum to select...

Waivers may be available to the Board in a variety of circumstances. For example, if the board decides that it is much less costly to bring a particular claim, including an alternative venue, because all the evidence and documents are located in that foreign venue, the board may decide (provided it is satisfied with the laws and courts of the country). foreign forums) to waive the application of the panel pick clause. The Seventh and Third Circuits must determine whether Delaware's schedule for exclusive information may preclude derivation actions by state courts under Section 14(a) of the Equity Exchange Act of 1934 where alleged violations have occurred.

The inclusion of a waiver clause also has important tactical advantages. The Board has negotiating power if and when a lawsuit is filed for breach of this clause: it may declare that it waives the exercise of immunity for the plaintiffs and agrees that they proceed with the only alternative body with which the defendants are most comfortable are. Exclusive Online Choice Charter: Enforceability and Effectiveness

Available disclaimers are almost always included in the terms of the forum choice. The general articles of association will begin to state: "Unless the company agrees to continue writing until an alternative forum is selected..." [31] On September 8, 2014, the Delaware Chancery Court upheld Ampere's newly adopted articles of association. Delaware Corporation has a private forum outside...

jurisdiction over the accused

and for the first time the question of the enforceability of a jurisdiction clause in the absence of personal jurisdiction arisesLevronplaintiff for validity. Plaintiffs allege that charters function adequately in a situation where defendants are "not subject to human resources jurisdiction in the state of incorporation and may be vulnerable to service elsewhere." [32] In rejecting this hypothetical argument, then Prime Minister Sterling pointed out that the dispute in question would have to be decided in the context of an actual dispute, since the law could still function reasonably within such a scenario; indeed, “if beno forumoverallAll potential defendants therein are subject to personal jurisdiction. "[33] To address this potential future application challenge, some post-SpruceThe jurisdiction clause provides that the court has "personal jurisdiction over the party named as defendant"[34] or states that the community has exclusive jurisdiction "to the fullest extent permitted by law". [35] However, as commentators have noted, in most cases the type of tone obtained may not make a difference. A better, more direct approach encourages prudent exercise of waivers to allow board flexibility on a case-by-case basis.

Avoiding the attribution of improper motives or breaches of duty

If the board of Ampere adopts a forum choice clause on the eve of a major controversy or just before a time when a settlement is expected to spark litigation, the board has a lot at stake, which you believe is backed up by claims that it is an attempt to restrict shareholder rights is being challenged. Indeed, the last-minute passage of forum-wide clauses is probably the most common basis for appeals. Because while there's a forum your clauses are a good idea, why would companies wait until there's a computer lawsuit to adopt them? The question therefore boils down to the related question discussed above, namely whether the Chamber can show that it acted in good faith to conserve resources and achieve predictable litigation outcomes, or whether it had an alleged malicious motive. The Seventh and Ninth Circuits share the scope of the Forum Exclusive Clause | Skadden, Arps, Clinker, Meagher & Flom LLP

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existGalaviz, BeforeSpruceThe decision to void the Northern District of California's court selection rules was based in part on the fact that the provision was passed "after allegedly most of the alleged wrongdoing had already taken place." [36] AlthoughGalavizhas occurred time and time again,[37] these types of challenges persist. Plaintiffs raising such challenges typically allege that the board took self-interested, disloyal actions — such as approving a merger — that it knew would trigger litigation, and that the charter used to select the forum Adopted at or about the time of the litigation There are inducements for improper purposes, e.g. B. to prevent out-of-state plaintiffs from suing, or to ensure that the law is decided by a state with the laws most favorable to the chamber.

It is safe to say that recent jurisprudence on this point suggests that anything approaching a lawsuit is insufficient to sustain Ampere's successful challenge. [38] Operation of the seventh and ninth circuits under exclusive forum clause | Insights | Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP

The Delaware Chancery Court recently ruled that electoral procurement is equally enforceable if acceptedreturn, not close to the time, the so-called misconduct. existfirst citizen, Chancellor Bouchard rejected any motion challenge based on acceptance of both the forum selection rules and the merger agreement, arguing: "The board handed it over on a supposedly 'overcast day' when it signed the merger agreement...rather than 'sunny'." ' The day does not matter, and there are insufficient allegations ... to prove wrongdoing at this time." [39] Concernfirst citizen, existNordenfive.McNamara, Judge Babette reviewed the case law on the subject and "concluded that [d] the Forum Choice Statute would not become unenforceable simply because it was adopted and there was no alleged wrongdoing."[40]

Nonetheless, there is at least some case law outside of Delaware that plaintiffs can rely on to support some arguments against enforceability as of the presumption. The Oregon Circuit Yard was found for the modelTriad"The timing of the bylaw update was very close to the time of the board's alleged misconduct, and the board created the bylaws in response to that very lawsuit" to ensure it wasn't enforced. [41]


Anti-suit Injunction imposes personal jurisdiction on plaintiffs

Even a well-designed charter cannot be automatically enforced. Experience has shown that even if a board adopts a constitution for selecting a conference, aggressive plaintiffs can still sue elsewhere. A corporation may consider a recall in an unfavorable court and ask a judge in that court to enforce the articles of incorporation. But those who choose are inherently electable. So what can be done to maximize the chances of litigation ending up in the board's preferred forum? Many law firms have adopted a court charter that requires partners to pursue derived claims in specialized jurisdictions.

Judgment of the Delaware Court of ChanceryRandpoint in the direction of the answer. Edgen's Articles of Association contain provisions designating Delaware as the exclusive forum for disputes within the company. While plaintiffs sued Inch Louisiana for violation of the terms, Edgen filed for injunctive relief in Delaware to countersue. While Driving Chancellor Laster accepted the validity and adequacy of the provision, he denied Edgen's request for adenine TRO, arguing that the proper course of action was to deny it in the Louisiana trial. [42] His decision was based primarily on two factors: (1) the existence of the firm's personal territory for plaintiffs in the Louisiana lawsuit, and (2) concerns about highway comitology. [43]

With the advent of personal jurisdiction, the lack of a language for express consent does not applyLosspersonal jurisdiction, but I am addressing a judicial issue, possibly (and inRand, tat) require corporations to be enforceable in foreign litigation. [44] ADENINE should include consent to personal jurisdiction in its terms of forum selection. BeforeRand, which is deemed sufficient for the company to add English to Chevron's Articles of Association, which states: "'Any person or entity who purchases the Button or otherwise obtains benefits, including ownership of the company's stock, shall be deemed discovered and accepts this [statute].'” [45] belowRandHowever, the company has asked to include more than this "agreed" language included in the disputed clauseRand.

existRand, Venture Chancellor Laster "Note that [d] the Forum Clause does not expressly require approval of the personal jurisdiction of some of the above shareholders." [46] He compares the provisions of Edgen's Articles of Association to the Contract Forum Choice Clause, the 2013 equity was the subject of a court decision,carlyle, designating the courts of the State of Delaware as the sole venue of any dispute related to the Agreement, and stating that the Contracting Investor "waives, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any objection to bring an action now or in any court or tribunal."[ 47]KreelYard argues that "a choice-of-court clause is sufficient to establish personal jurisdiction for a court if the parties to the choice-of-court clause voluntarily and informedly consent to the assignment of the court to the court."[48] Vice-Chancellor Last disagrees with Edgen's "deemed consent " "Lack of any specific express consent to personal jurisdiction" in the language, andCarlClause "actually and expressly addressing the issue of personal jurisdiction". [49]

Therefore, companies should include express consent in the language of the relevant jurisdiction and not in the previously used language of "presumed consent". Also to prevent another problem from occurringRand, the board should amend your articles of incorporation to presume that shareholders have consented to service of the process of enforcing the terms of the forum election. Therefore, we recommend including the following clauses:

If, under the preceding sentence, an action is brought in a court other than a court in the State of Delaware (a “Foreign Action”) on behalf of a Shareholder (a “Foreign Action”), the Shareholder shall be deemed to have consented to (i) the personal jurisdiction of such state and federal courts in connection with any action brought in such court to enforce the foregoing judgment and (ii) upon service by such Shareholder's attorney, to serve as representative for such Shareholder in such action and action of such a shareholder in a foreign proceeding. [50] Client Alert Analysis Seventh Circuit Decision Regarding the Enforceability of the Choice of Form Clause in the Articles of Incorporation.

Vice President Last only made a decision with questions and bansRandAlso from its own concern that the project "creates potential disputes between the forums when other courts consider issuing an anti-suit injunction in contempt." " to an unnamed forum to resolve the issue. [51] Practitioners should therefore be aware that Delaware courts may deny access in context. There is no necessary grace period for counterclaims to respect issues of jurisdiction , regardless of how an exclusive choice of court is being enacted.

the outer court is delaware

Regardless of where a corporation is incorporated or located, what forum it designates, and how it enforces forum selection rules, almost all of the above statistics consider them enforceable, including California, Illinois, Louisiana, New York, New York, and Texas. [52] This almost universal agreement suggests that if an injunction against claims cannot be traced or obtained, convention election provisions are likely to be enforced by foreign courts. The new DGCL amendment supports the forum choice clause and bans transfer fees

Eligibility Conditions for Model Forums

Consistent with the foregoing, we recommend that companies wishing to support forum opt-in provisions consider the following model:

Dispute Resolution Forum.Unless the Legal Department agrees in writing to select another forum, this forum is the sole and exclusive forum for (i) derivative works or claims brought on behalf of the Company, (ii) advertising alleging that certain directors have failed in a fiduciary duty, the police or other employees to the legal department or shareholders of the company, (iii) any cause of action alleging a claim arising under any provision of general Delaware corporate law, whether the articles of incorporation or the Articles of Association (as amended). ), (iv) arbitrarily and voluntarily asserts that the claim is subject to the principles of internal affairs, a Chancery Judge of Delaware (or, if the Chancery Court does not have jurisdiction, the Federal District Court for the District of Delaware) shall be stopped. If the subject matter of a claim falls within the preceding sentence but is brought in a court other than the court located in Current to De (“foreign claim”) to designate a shareholder, that shareholder shall be deemed to have (i) the The National Press Public Court of the State of Delaware will have personal jurisdiction over any unlimited action taken by this court to enforce the foregoing judgment and (ii) has prepared procedural services against such stockholders to prevent clients from advising such stockholders to take such action Representing such shareholders in foreign litigation.


Selected, distilledSpruceand their descendants, should be employed by companies considering implementing community choice claims to limit risk and better position companies for possible litigation to enforce such contracts.

* **

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